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Mail Services Forms

Mail Services



New Mail Stop/ID Request (PDF) Used to request the addition or deletion of a mail stop or to update information on an existing mail stop.
Special Messenger Request (Webform) Used to request a special mail pick-up for your department, in addition to the regular mail pick-up time.
Bulk Mail Work Request Lookup (Webform) Used to look up the status of previous requests to the Bulk Mail Division.
Bulk Mail Work Request (Webform) Used to request services from the UC Davis Bulk Mail Division.
Hazardous Material Information Sheet (PDF) Form to be completed if shipping items that meet the criteria of hazardous as defined on the form.
Request Postage Stamps (Webform) Used by departments to request the purchase of postage stamps. Departments are not to use other methods of purchasing postage stamps.
UC Davis Customs Form (PDF) Required for international shipments via FedEx, UPS or DHL. 
Note: For shipments sent through the US Postal Service, please complete the appropriate USPS Customs form .
UC Davis Shipping Memo (PDF) Required for any outbound shipments that are not processed via the FedEx online system or AggieShip.