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AggieSurplus Forms

AggieSurplus Forms



AggieSurplus Service Request Form

1.  The AggieSurplus Pick-Up Request Spreadsheet is the preferred method for identifying items for which AggieSurplus services are requested, and email the completed form to To make sure your request is processed as quickly as possible, please complete all line items.  Areas shaded in grey are for Aggie Surplus use only.  Include asset numbers, if applicable, and size dimensions, if items are oversized. 

2.  If your request includes only furniture or basic office items, you can initiate a Special Order request in UCD Buy:

  1. Log in to UCD Buy  with your campus login ID and Kerberos passphrase.
  2. Select Special Order – Special Services (at bottom left of screen).
  3. Select Add Item (at top left).
  4. Enter pick-up information, include quantities and start description with "Aggie Surplus Pick Up" (i.e.:  Aggie Surplus Pick up:  2 file cabinets, 4 chairs, 3 desks, 1 box misc. office supplies).
  5. Enter Account Number.
  6. Click Add to Special Order Cart.  The Special Order screen with the order number will display. This number should be referenced if contacting AggieSurplus about your request.
  7. Click PLACE ORDER (Your order will not be placed until this button is clicked)Your request will be sent directly to Special Services.  They will contact you to schedule pick-up.

3.  The online AggieSurplus Service Request Form can also be used, but cannot be used for requests for 5 or more items.

Depending on marketability, items will be sold or salvaged/recycled.

AggieSurplus Excess/Surplus Property Form (Webform) This form is used by departments who wish to consign or sell an item with a value exceeding $251.00. Please confer with AggieSurplus to determine fair market value. Except for lot sales, each form is limited to single item requests.


NOTE: AggieSurplus will continue to accept requests on the paper form at this time and it is still available for purchase through the Central Storehouse catalog in AggieBuy

Decommissioning Form (Webform) This form is no longer used.
Decontamination Form (Webform) Review the information on the Environmental Health & Safety website first.  Used when items contain, or were used to store, hazardous materials. Form is completed with the help of your department’s EH&S Specialist and needs to be attached to items prior to pick-up.  For the safety of our staff, items without the completed form attached will not be transported for removal.
Non-Profit Application Form (PDF) Accredited schools and non-profit organizations can complete to be considered for potential donations through AggieSurplus.  Please email completed form to
On View Form (Webform) Include in addition to the Service Request form when items are being sold on-site.
Vehicle Form (Webform) Include in addition to the Service Request form when item is a vehicle.