Requesting a Carve Out

UC Davis is committed to bringing in-house all covered services as defined by Article 5 of the University Collective Bargaining Agreement and Regents Policy 5402: Regents Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services. As such, contracts that include covered services will only be allowed sparingly and will require demonstration that all other options to utilize or create career UC positions have been exhausted.

Exemptions to the policy will be rarely granted. Reduced cost is not an acceptable justification. By requiring wage and benefit parity in any contract for covered services, there will be no cost advantage to using contracted services in lieu of services provided by a UC Davis employee.

Regents Policy 5402 explains that contracting for covered services is only permitted when:

  • Required by law, grants and/or court decisions.
  • Needed to address an emergency.
  • Not available at the location in sufficient quantity or expertise level.
  • Incidental to a leased property.
  • Urgent, temporary or occasional.
  • Securing equipment, material or services the campus cannot feasibly provide, this can include work beyond 10 miles of campus.
  • Performed in clinical operations to address short-term needs.

If you believe that your situation merits a carve out, you can request one following the process outlined below.


Outside Services Carve Out Exception Process

Hiring an Outside Contractor for Davis Campus and academic units on the Sacramento campus (School of Medicine, School of Nursing)

1.  Department contacts to discuss request with Supply Chain Management.
2. Supply Chain Management may consult with Employee & Labor Relations regarding the request.
3. If advised by SCM/ELR, department completes required justification form.
4.  Request must be reviewed/authorized by Dean/Vice Chancellor of requesting department. Please note: delegations of authority are not permitted for approval purposes. Assistant Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration will review for FOA units.
5.  Request is reviewed by Supply Chain Management for completion.
6.  Employee & Labor Relations verifies scope of work as covered or non-covered service and notices union when necessary.
7. If Employee & Labor Relations determines service is covered, ELR will identify the job code and associated pay rate affected by the proposed scope of work.

8.  Chief Procurement Officer assesses request in regards to policy and reasonableness and ensures Labor Relations and Vice Chancellor signatures have been received; routes documentation for approval and facilitates contracting if approved.
9.  FOA Vice Chancellor approves or denies request. (This step is not required for contracts less than $2,500)
10.  If carve out request is approved, complete purchase request to outside supplier on a KFS Purchase Agreement document.

Hiring an Outside Contractor for UC Davis Health

For information on requesting a carve out for UC Davis health units, please contact Danielle Kehler, UC Davis Health Employee Relations, at


Depending on the expected contract value, the form will route for review and signature starting with your Department Vice Chancellor / Dean and ending with either the Chief Procurement Officer or the Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA).

Please note:
  • If you are submitting a form for a FOA unit, please enter Assistant Vice Chancellor Blair Stephenson ( as the Vice Chancellor signer.
  • If you are submtting a form for School of Medicine or Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, your final form will automatically route to Tim Maurice for approval.

To be routed to the appropriate Covered Services Justification form, please indicate the expected contract value below. The value is calculated by multiplying the number of years in the contract by the annual estimated cost. In calculating the expected value, note that your contract will have to meet the Wage and Benefits Parity requirement, outlined in the policy.

General questions can be emailed to

Specific employee and labor relations questions can be emailed to

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