Faculty Cap and Gown Rentals

This page provides information on Faculty Cap and Gown rental.

The Faculty Cap and Gown Rental form is now available in AggieLogistics!  The new form allows for up to 10 individual rentals per form. If more are needed, customers can attach a spreadsheet to the form in AggieLogistics.

Faculty Rentals

Faculty gowns, caps, tassels and UC Ph.D. faculty hoods are available at no cost for commencement ceremonies. Faculty rentals should be coordinated through the department’s business office.


Faculty rentals can be picked up from “will-call” at the Central Storehouse, or delivered to the department for a nominal charge.


It is the responsibility of each individual to return his or her gown, cap, hood and tassel to the Special Events room adjacent to the commencement ceremony area at the Pavilion. For ceremonies held at the Mondavi Center, all commencement apparel can be returned in the Green Room or the reception area of the lobby.

Returns can also be facilitated via intercampus mail. Please box and label returns “Special Services” and place with outgoing mail.

Contact Us

Our contact email is capsandgowns@ucdavis.edu.