AggieShip Hazardous Shipping Information

Below is information for shipping hazardous materials in AggieShip.

Plan ahead when shipping dry ice.  If shipping on a Friday, and the delivery address is closed on the weekend, the dry ice might be melted by Monday.

In order to ship hazardous materials (Category B, excepted quantities, dry ice), training is required every two years and must be completed in the UC Learning Center.  Training reminders and enforcement are provided via the UC Learning Center.

If you've completed the required training, the AggieShip Hazardous Shipping Help Guide (updated 4/21) can be a helpful resource.

    Important Hazardous Materials Resources

    Hazardous Materials Packaging

    Hazardous Materials packaging is available for purchase from UCD Central Storehouse through AggieBuy, catalog numbers 89221-201, 89395-101, 89395-100.