Guidelines for Approving Purchasing Transactions

There are multiple factors to consider and review before approving a purchasing transaction, whether in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) or AggieBuy.

AggieBuy Approvers Training is recommended for anyone who will be approving transactions in AggieBuy. The online training includes an overview of approval functions for AggieBuy approvers; including approving, rejecting, returning, and editing.

Six Questions to Ask BEFORE Approving a Purchasing Transaction

  1. Is the purchase appropriate?  How does it support one of the missions of the university (teaching, research, public service, and patient care)? If the purpose of the purchase is unclear, ask the Requester for additional information before proceeding.
  2. Are there more sustainable options available? Are there existing items that might meet departmental needs, or does AggieSurplus have a used item that might be satisfactory?
  3. Are the correct account(s) being used?  It's important to ensure that the funds are appropriate for the type of purchase.  Some funds are restricted and may only allow certain types of purchases.  
  4. Is the appropriate delivery location indicated?  Make sure the item will fit in the allocated space, and if necessary, that someone will be available to physically receive the order.
  5. Is the request appropriate from the person making it?  Does the Requester have the necessary authority and information to make the request?  Is there any conflict of interest with the person making the request?
  6. Are items at or above $5000 being purchased?  As necessary, check with your departmental asset representative to confirm the entered capital asset information is correct, whether you are using AggieBuy or the Kuali Financial System (KFS).