Automatic Purchase Order (APO) Limit

The Automatic Purchase Order (APO) limit is the amount by which a KFS Requisition can be processed and approved without the requirement of Procurement & Contracting Services review and approval.

Artificially splitting a purchase order to bypass/avoid the APO limit is prohibited per university policy.

If there are no restricted commodities included on a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and the total dollar limit does not meet or exceed $10K, a Purchase Order is automatically created in the KFS after the Requisition is fully approved by the fiscal officer. 

There isn't a document called an "Automatic Purchase Order;" this phrase simply refers to the automatic creation of a Purchase Order in those cases where review and approval by a buyer in Procurement and Contracting Services is not required before a Purchase Order is created.

NOTE: Refer to UC Davis Procurement Policy 350-10 for more information.

KFS Requisitions under $10,000 These documents do not route to Procurement & Contracting Services unless a restricted commodity code (such as for a repair or service) is used.
Capital Asset Threshold The Capital Asset threshold is $5,000.  KFS Requisitions for capital assets between $5,000 and $9,999.99 will route to Equipment Management for review/approval but will not require approval by Procurement & Contracting Services (unless a restricted commodity is included on the KFS Requisition)
Purchase Agreements Reflect a default APO limit of $9,999.99.  The value can be set higher if desired to allow for Requisitions to be issued against the agreement for a higher amount, without requiring review and approval by Procurement and Contracting Services.
Procurement Card The current default purchasing limit on the P-card is $9,999.99 (including tax, shipping and handling). Capital asset purchases are NOT allowed on the P-card.  Capital asset purchases should continue to be made in AggieBuy or in KFS. 
AggieBuy The APO limit does not impact AggieBuy ordering.  AggieBuy is the preferred method of purchasing goods at UC Davis. There is no dollar limit for AggieBuy orders, regardless of whether supplies and capital assets are purchased.  Since AggieBuy catalogs have already been negotiated, routing to Procurement & Contracting Services review/approval only occurs for high-dollar orders ($50,000 and above).

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