Emergency Orders

There may be times when you need to purchase a product or service immediately due to an emergency situation.

What is an Emergency?

The university defines an emergency as meeting one or more of the following conditions:

  • Life threatening situations for human and/or animal life.

  • Catastrophic events such as, flood, fire, earthquake or other natural disasters that pose a threat to human and/or animal life, adversely affect the university mission, or threaten university property.

  • Critical equipment failure, either on or off campus, that seriously increases the risk exposure of the university or may cause an extraordinary impact on funding.

  • Organized labor strikes, of local, regional or national scope.

  • Weather conditions affecting agriculture, human and animal shelter, and construction.

  • Public safety incidents that seriously increase the risk exposure of the university or threaten life or property, such as riots, criminal acts, and terrorist actions.

The following normally do not constitute an emergency:

  • Incentives such as, sales, discounts, short term promotions, price/quote expiration, provided by supplier for the purpose of meeting supplier sales quotas.

  • Receipt of funding authorizing equipment and supply purchases.

  • Unsupported need.

  • Travel deadlines.

Emergency Options

If your situation qualifies as an emergency, you have the following options:

  • For urgent supply or equipment (capital asset) orders , you can use AggieBuy,

  • For urgent supply orders up to a grand total of $9,999.99 (this includes tax, freight, etc.), you can use the Procurement Card. Capital assets are not to be purchased on the Procurement Card.

  • For urgent supply orders up to your departmental delegation, you can use the Requisition document in the Kuali Financial System.

  • For repairs or purchases exceeding your departmental delegation, contact Procurement & Contracting Services at procure-help@ucdavis.edu in order to discuss available options.

  • Repairs or purchases are not to take place with personal "out of pocket" funds. The establishment of an authorized UC Davis Purchase Order is always required BEFORE the goods or services can be procured.