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Restricted Items

Instances when departments may not be able to directly purchase all items

The following items are not delegated to departments to purchase directly. Requisitions that include any of these items will route through Procurement & Contracting Services, regardless of cost:

  • Building Repairs, Products, Services, or Modifications
  • Animals; laboratory or others
  • Capital Assets (Inventorial equipment), unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Catering and food-related agreements
  • Charters: air, land or sea
  • Computer software that requires license agreements to be signed (does not include registration cards)
  • Consultant Services or Independent Contractors
  • Electrical supplies and equipment restricted per P&P 290-85
  • Employee as Supplier Transactions
  • Equipment Maintenance Contracts
  • Equipment Rentals in excess of 31 days
  • Food Equipment, unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Furniture, unless:
    • ordered in AggieBuy
    • ordered through the campus Furniture Program
  • On-site labor-related services of any kind
  • Personnel Type services
  • Precious Metals
  • Real property rentals of facilities, storage space, etc.
  • Respiratory Protection Items, unless ordered in AggieBuy
  • Services or materials that are available at a lower total cost through a UC Davis service (e.g., Repro Graphics, Central Storehouse)
  • Specially controlled items, such as ethyl alcohol (except as purchased from the Central Storehouse or other AggieBuy supplier), narcotics or dangerous drugs, Radioactive Nickel Foils and Sealed Sources
  • Weapons (guns, rifles, etc.)
  • All products requiring special conditions routing in KFS (i.e. to EH&S, Facilities, etc.), unless ordered in AggieBuy