Foreign Meals & Lodging Limits

The maximum amount of money allotted for meals and/or lodging for foreign travel is based on the U.S. government's maximum limits for each location.

Please be aware that campus departments may uniformly establish lower daily maximum rates in an effort to save money.

Always refer to the U.S. Department of State's website to find Foreign Rates by Location.

Paying for Meals

  • Withdraw cash from the Travel card at an ATM or U.S. Bank, then reconcile in AggieExpense.
  • Pay for meals & incidentals out of pocket and submit an AggieExpense reimbursement report after the trip.
  • Use the Travel card for Meals & Lodging directly.

Claiming Meals and Lodging in AggieExpense

For out-of-pocket reimbursement, travelers may only claim up to the stated maximum allowance for the location traveled. Claims should be for the amount actually spent.