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Emergency Services

The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace.

If your trip was registered with UC’s Travel Insurance Program, you received an email from Worldcue Traveler with emergency contact information. For assistance with Worldcue, please contact the UC Davis Risk Management Services rms@ucdavis.edu

For assistance with medical referral, evacuation, repatriation, or other emergency services, call:

  • 866-451-7606 (in USA)
  • 202-828-5896 (outside USA collect call)

Refer to the insurance card in the email for the plan number and policy number.

The U.S. Department of State website has information to assist with crisis situations, lost/stolen passports, financial needs, victims of crime and medical emergencies

More Information

For more information about the types of insurance coverages offered to university travelers, please visit the Travel Assistance section of the UCOP website.