Payment Request Form: Category Descriptions

The Payment Request form is available on the SCM Forms page.

Carefully review the online instructions before completing the form.

When completing the form, the requester should confirm the chart string and natural account with their department financial staff.  Suggested natural accounts are listed below for the various categories.

NOTE: In some cases, a Travel Card or Procurement Card may be appropriate, in lieu of completing the Payment Request document.   The situations where a card can be used are listed below for the applicable categories.  Using a credit card is preferable when the supplier accepts that type of payment.

Appropriate documentation is required, such as an invoice or bill showing the specific charges.  Required documentation is listed below for the various categories. 

Agency Fund

  • The Agency Fund payment category is used to request payment from an Agency Fund account. Please review policy PPM 330-09 for additional information about using Agency Funds. 
  • Suggested Natural Account: 101002

Casual Farm Labor

  • The Casual Farm Labor payment category is used for making direct payments to casual farm laborers, typically hourly and/or non-contractual workers.
  • This payment category is not to be used for independent contractors
  • Disbursements of $600 or more per calendar year to the same individual are considered taxable income and reportable on a 1099 tax form. 
  • Individuals must be set up as a supplier and complete a I-9 or W-9 form before payment can be processed. When creating the supplier, be sure to attach the I-9 or W-9 form. 
  • Suggested Natural Account: 530102

Communication and Data Services

  • The Communications and Data Services payment category is used to pay suppliers for invoices related to land-line telephone, cellular, internet, or cable television services, when the bill is in the name of the university or a department.
  • This payment category is not be used for the purchase of equipment. NOTE: Communications Resources is the preferred source for cell phone purchases and service. 
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay a supplier for cell phone service.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 534200

Employee Reimbursement

  • Employee reimbursements are generally not processed on the Payment Request document, but as Professional Expense reimbursements in AggieExpense.
  • Employee Reimbursements include students who are employed at UC DavisStudents who are not also UC Davis employees are to be reimbursed following the student reimbursement process.
  • Contact if you believe you have a need to process this type of request on the Payment Request form.
  • Suggested Natural Account: Varies, based on what is being reimbursed

Entertainment Expense 

Copyright, Regulatory, Bank/License Fees

  • The Copyright, Regulatory, and Licensing payment category is used when requesting a payment for a fee or license expense. These expenses are not to be confused with Memberships or Professional Licenses.
  • Only payments to suppliers (not employee reimbursements) should be processed with this payment category.
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay for these fees.
  • Examples include:
    • Copyright fees, including use and scan fees for art/photos
    • Building or use permit fees
    • Disposal fees
    • One-time licensing fees paid to regulatory agencies
    • Regulatory fees to foreign countries to allow researchers to visit and work there
    • Pseudo-government accreditation fees, on behalf of departments or programs 
    • Royalty payments, if not covered by an existing Purchase Order (PO)
    • Miscellaneous tax agency payments, such as property tax 
  • Suggested Natural Account: 530701

Fellowship Stipend

  • The Fellowship Stipend category is used for payments that support an individual's pursuit of their studies or related research and can include stipends for living expenses while participating in a scholarly/research activity.
  • This category also includes payments for participation under the specific terms of a sponsored agreement, awards, or prizes to individuals in recognition of charitable, scientific, educational, artistic, literary or civic achievement, or as the result of the participant entering or being entered in a contest or being selected for the prize based on his/her actions.
  • Additional conditions:
    • Payments for currently enrolled UC students must go through Financial Aid and be paid through Banner
    • Non-UCD students and former UCD students are eligible for Fellowship Stipends.
    • Fellowship Stipends are considered reportable income to the recipient.
  • Suggested Natural Accounts:
    • 511001 (Grad fellowship non-resident)
    • 511000 (Grad fellowship)
    • 510007 (Undergrad fellowship)


  • This category should be rarely used, as most outbound shipments are to be processed in AggieShip.  Questions should be directed to The Freight category is used to pay outbound freight charges to an outside supplier for sending goods from the University that were not processed in AggieShip. These are typically paid to FedEx, DHL, or UPS. These are not for inbound freight charges incurred when purchasing goods.
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay for outbound freight.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 539100

Gifts and Donations

  • The Gifts and Donations category is used for cash gifts or donations paid to non-profits in accordance with policy PPM 260-45 and non-cash gifts purchased on behalf of employees in accordance with policy PPM 380-50.
  • Add a concise explanation of how the donation supports the UC Mission.  
  • Attach a signed transmittal letter (sample) as a remittance attachment. This letter must be on UC Davis letterhead and signed by the department head or chair. It will be sent to the payee, and should explain why the donation is being made to them. An invoice from the payee is not sufficient.
  • Suggested Natural Account:
    • 536300 (non-employee gift)
    • 536200 (employee gift)


  • The Honoraria category is used for nominal, non-negotiated payments to individuals (NOT UC employees) for participation in a scholarly or academic event benefiting the mission of the University.  
  • NOTE: Honoraria for UC employees must be paid through UC Path as a one-time payment and are not requested through the Payment Request form. Employee Honoraria requests are submitted through AggieService.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 536600

Human Subject

  • This category is for payment to a participant in a university research project. 
  • Disbursements of $600 or more per calendar year to the same individual are considered taxable income and reportable on a 1099 tax form. 
  • Individuals must be set up as a supplier and complete a I-9 or W-9 form before payment can be processed. When creating the supplier, be sure to attach the I-9 or W-9 form. 
  • Suggested Natural Account: 530103

Immigration Visa Fee Processing

  • The Immigration Visa Fee category is used to make payments to suppliers for visa fees. A supplier invoice is required to be attached. Please see the Services for International Students and Scholars website for additional information. The recommended procedure is to pay the supplier directly.
  • If an employee has legal fees related to approved immigration or citizenship status, this category should be used for the reimbursement. 
  • Proof of payment, complete business explanation, and approval from the department head or dean is required for a reimbursement.  Additionally, there are potential income tax implications based on the nature of the reimbursement.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 530701

Insurance Payments

  • The Insurance Payments category is used to pay health and life insurance premiums not covered by the university's self-insurance program and deductibles, or other reimbursements according to current insurance policies.
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay for insurance payments.
  • Suggested Natural Account:
    • 507100 (Life insurance)
    • 507002 (Health insurance)

Professional Membership Dues

  • The Membership category is used to pay suppliers for professional membership dues and fees. All payments must be made in accordance with policy PPM 330-75.
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay suppliers for membership dues.
  • Employee reimbursements for professional membership fees are processed as Professional Expense reimbursements in the AggieExpense system. Only membership payments to suppliers should be processed on the Payment Request form.
  • Additional requirements for this type of payment:
    • Brief explanation indicating why the payment of fees is deemed necessary or beneficial to the university or member
    • Memberships must be signed by the Dean, Chair, or Vice Chancellor
  • Required Documentation: Membership Form from the supplier and appropriate signed approval
  • Suggested Natural Account: 522600

Professional Certifications and Licenses

  • The Professional Certifications and Licenses category is used to pay suppliers for licensing, certification, and professional education assistance fees that are paid on behalf of an individual for a valid business reason.
  • Procurement Card can also be used to pay a supplier for these types of payments.
  • Employee reimbursements for professional certifications and licenses are processed as Professional Expense reimbursements in the AggieExpense system. Only supplier payment requests should be processed on the Payment Request form for the Professional Certifications and Licenses category.
  • Examples include:
    • Certification testing fees (CPA exam fees, medical board costs, etc.)
    • Individual licensing fees (drivers license, medical facility access licenses, water treatment operator license, etc.)
    • Fingerprint tests
    • Self-assessment examination fees for online testing
  • Required Documentation: Appropriate supplier invoice or supporting backup
  • Suggested Natural Account: 531100

Petty Cash

  • The Petty Cash category is used for replenishment of petty cash accounts in accordance with policy PPM 330-45.
  • Employees must be set up as a supplier to act as a Petty Cash Trustee. When setting up the employee supplier record, use their employee ID in lieu of their social security number. No W9 is required.
  • Required Documentation: Appropriate receipt backup
  • Suggested Natural Account: 539590


  • The Refund category is used to issue a refund, such as a key deposit refund. Refunds are not reimbursements. A refund assumes that we have collected monies and are now paying them back.
  • This category is also used for processing an AP credit memo when there is no associated Purchase Order. 
  • For refunds to non-suppliers, be sure to add the recipient to the supplier table first.
  • For refunds to employees, use the Supplier number 1000001 in Aggie Enterprise.
  • Required Documentation: Proof of original payment to the university
  • Suggested Natural Account: Varies, based on reason for refund


  • The Registration category is used for registration fees paid directly to a supplier for training events, conferences, or online classes, to supplier who do not accept payment by credit card.
  • The Travel Card should be used to pay conference/registration fees to a supplier whenever possible.  
  • When attendance involves travel, the traveler may also pay out-of-pocket and obtain reimbursement in AggieExpense, after the event, per policy BFB G28
  • Employee reimbursements for a registration expense are processed as Professional Expense reimbursements in the AggieExpense system. Only supplier payments should be processed on the Payment Request form for registrations.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 536700

Registered Student Organization

  • The Registered Student Organization category is used to issue payments from a department to a student organization. The student organization must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement.
  • To utilize this category, the payee should be set up ahead of time as a supplier. Proof of the registered organization status should be attached to the documentation. For individual payments, the initiator should confirm and indicate on the Payment Request form that the payee is a registered student organization.
  • Required Documentation: Add appropriate supporting backup and certification of registered status.
  • Suggested Natural Account: 770006

Regulated Utility Services

  • The Regulated Utility Services category is used to pay suppliers that won't accept the Procurement Card for regulated utility invoices.  The most common examples include recurring electricity, gas, water/sewer, and garbage service fees. The invoice from the utility provider should be included as a supporting attachment.  
  • Restrictions: This category should not be used for payments to telephone, cellular, or internet providers. It should not be used for solar energy purchases. It should not be used for rentals or one-time purchases of disposal services, such as dumpsters.
  • In general, the Procurement Card should be used for payment of utility payments.
  • Suggested Natural Accounts:
    • 550300 (Water and sewer)
    • 550200 (Electricity)
    • 770000 (Refuse disposal)

Sales Tax

  • This option is usually selected if a supplier is billing for sales tax only.  This could be due to:
    • a mistake with the a previous invoice in terms of the sales tax calculated. This could also be due to an error with how the Purchase Order (PO) was set up.
    • the university accruing use tax rather than paying the supplier the sales tax on a previous invoice.
  • Suggested Natural Accounts: Varies, based on reason for tax

Subcontractor Advance Payment

  • The Subcontractor Advance Payment category is used to pay sub-recipients of awards in advance of the work being performed. This payment type will also require Contracts and Grants Accounting approval prior to disbursement.
  • Required Documentation: Appropriate supporting backup, including agreement number
  • Suggested Natural Accounts:
    • 533100 (at or over $25K)
    • 533000 (under $25K)

Student Fellowship Expense Reimbursement

  • The Student Fellowship Expense Reimbursement category is used for disbursements to students to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses related to authorized fellowship or grant expenses. This option is limited to active UC Davis students only.
  • Receipts showing proof of payment and grant or fellowship documentation showing authorization of expenses are required. If student is also an employee, use their employee ID. 
  • Reimbursements to non-employee students for other types of purchases made on behalf of the university should be processed using the Student Reimbursement category.
  • Required Documentation: Proof of purchase and payment and documentation justifying that expenses are allowed by grant/fellowship
  • Suggested Natural Accounts:
    • 511001 (Grad fellowship non-resident)
    • 511000 (Grad fellowship)
    • 510007 (Undergrad fellowship)

Student Reimbursement

  • The Student Reimbursement category is used for non-travel and non-entertainment reimbursements of goods purchased by an active student (who is not also a UC Davis employee) on behalf of the university, for under $500.  
  • Similar to the Employee Reimbursement reason, the Student Reimbursement may only be used if there is not another more appropriate category available. For example, if Memberships or Professional Certifications and Licenses is more appropriate, one of those options must be used instead. If another category is more appropriate, the student may need to be set up as a supplier first.
  • For student reimbursements, use the Supplier number 1000001 in Aggie Enterprise.
  • Any student reimbursements of $500 or greater must be processed on a Non-Catalog Requisition document, after first setting up the student as a supplier record in Aggie Enterprise.
  • Suggested Natural Accounts: Varies, based on reason for reimbursement

Travel Expense

  • The Travel Expense category is generally used when a supplier bills the university directly for travel-related expenses. In this case, this category is used to process a payment directly to the supplier, not to an employee or non-employee traveler. Travel expense reimbursements must be in accordance with policies BFB G28 and BFB G13 and other applicable policies listed on the UC Davis Travel website
  • For travel-related expenses, a supplier that accepts credit cards should be paid with a UC Davis Travel Card.
  • Required Documentation: Appropriate supporting backup, including receipts, attendee lists, etc.
  • Natural Accounts: 
    • 536005 In State Travel Expense
    • 536004 In State Meals Incidentals
    • 536002 In State Lodging
    • 536003 In State Transportation
    • 536001 In State Airfare
    • 536700 Conference and Registration Fees
    • 536015 Out of State Travel Expense
    • 536014 Out of State Meals Incidentals
    • 536012 Out of State Lodging
    • 536013 Out of State Transportation
    • 536011 Out of State Airfare
    • 536025 International Travel Expense
    • 536024 International Meals Incidentals
    • 536022 International Lodging
    • 536023 International Transportation
    • 536021 International Airfare