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Pre-Submission Checklist

The following components, if applicable to the agreement type, must be included on all KFS documents prior to submittal to Business & Revenue Contracts.

See also: Consultant Agreements Checklist

  1. Start and End Dates 
  2. Vendor Contacts: email address, phone number, and contact name
  3. Complete scope of work 
  4. Commodity code is reflective of service being requested
  5. Technical contact in campus department
    Including contact information (email address and phone number); this is the person to whom questions will be directed regarding any technical issues and to whom a copy of the fully executed agreement will be sent
  6. Attach all Documents and Forms

    Ensure all applicable documents/forms are electronically attached to the KFS document. These forms can include one or more of the forms indicated below. In addition, if the proposed vendor has provided a contract, be sure to attach it to your KFS request, along with any exhibits that the vendor has provided.

    • Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Information Form: Required if contracting with an individual or company operated and operated by an individual. Do not include the contractor’s federal tax identification number or social security number.

    • Report of Proposed Transaction Involving Potential Conflict of Interest: Required if contracting with a current or former UC employee or near relative or if the proposed contractor previously performed work for the university.

    • Confirming Letter: Required if work begun or was completed to prior to an agreement being executed (signed by department head up to $500 and signed by Dean/Vice Chancellor if total cost greater than $500)

    • Sole Source Forms: To be used in circumstances where there is only one vendor that can provide the service and total cost of transaction will be $100K or higher (or $10K or higher if using federal funded accounts); the form is documentation and approval that competitive bid requirements are waived. Two forms are necessary: The Sole Source Justification and the Individual Disclosure Statement. Each person involved in the recommendation for sole sourcing must complete the Individual Disclosure Statement. Forms available on the Forms page.

    • Rate Approval Documentation: If the university will be providing a service to a non-UC entity (revenue agreement), the requesting department must provide documentation showing that the rate(s) to be charged for the service(s) to be provided have been approved by the campus rate committee or their dean or vice chancellor within the last three years.