Catering Information

This page provides an overview of catering policy and procedure.  Please review it carefully to ensure policy compliance.

NOTE: If you are catering an event at the UC Davis Health campus in Sacramento, please refer to the Food and Nutrition Services unit for assistance. 


  • Catering is defined as food and/or beverage service that includes food service or food preparation.  Please note that Food drop-off without any additional service or preparation provided does not fall under this catering definition.


  • A UC facility includes property owned, leased, or otherwise operated by the University of California/UC Davis. UC Davis facilities include those in remote locations operated by UC Davis, including Bodega Marine Lab and field stations in Tulare.  


  • A Covered Service is a service that is to be performed by a university unit or employee (not an outside contractor or supplier). Catering is considered a Covered Service. The cost of catering services is irrelevant to the covered services process.
    • Olive & Vine (UC Davis Dining Services) is the UC Davis caterer.  Any UC Davis catering requests for university facilities not fulfilled by Olive & Vine require a Covered Service carve-out as described in the instructions below.
    • UC Davis Dining Services also has contracts with multiple food truck companies, which are regularly located on core campus. Those food trucks are under revenue agreements and excluded from Article 5/Policy 5402 for contracting out covered services. 
    • Food and Nutrition Services provides catering for UC Davis Health departments and units. If Food and Nutrition Services is unable to fulfill a catering request for a UC Davis Health unit at a university facility, a carve-out is required, using UC Davis Health's carve-out process.

UC Owned, Operated, or Leased Location

As of Tuesday, 8/1/23, any catering request at a university facility, whether it includes alcohol or not, is considered a covered service, and the process below is to be followed.

Note: If catering for a UC Davis Health event at a university facility, please contact Food and Nutrition Services.

1. For full-service catered meals at university facilities, students, faculty, and staff are required to utilize Olive & Vine. Follow the instructions on the billing.

2. If Olive & Vine is unable to support the request, a request for a carve-out to the Covered Services policy must be completed. The carve-out must include documentation from Olive & Vine (for example, an email) stating that it was unable to provide your requested service.

3.  The carve-out request must be reviewed and approved by the Covered Services team.

4.  A KFS Purchase Agreement of Catering Agreement type is always required when a supplier will be providing service at a campus location.

5.  Once the KFS Purchase Agreement has been approved by Procurement & Contracting Services, you can process payments to the caterer, using the Travel card whenever possible to pay for the catering expenses.

6.  The signed and approved carve-out request is to be attached to your AggieExpense report when reconciling the card expense. 

Non-University Location

1. The Covered Services policy does not apply in the case where a non-UC facility is being used for the catering request, and the carve out request is not required.

2.  A KFS Purchase Agreement of Catering Agreement type is required to be completed. 

3. Once the KFS Purchase Agreement has been approved by Procurement & Contracting Services, payments can be processed to the caterer, using the Travel card whenever possible.

Olive & Vine Transactions Payment Process

Olive & Vine uses the direct billing system to charge departmental account(s).

  1. Place the order with Olive & Vine.
  2. The order form requires an Employee ID (AggieExpense Traveler ID).
  3. Olive & Vine will submit the billing through the campus' Preferred Booking Program billing option.
  4. Charges will appear in AggieExpense under Available Expenses.
  5. Import the expense into an Aggie Expense report and complete and submit the report.

Alcohol Service Information

The supplier, Capitol Garage, has a university agreement for bar service.  The university Travel Card should be used for any payments to Capitol Garage; be sure to cite agreement number A74639 when contacting Capitol Garage.

Another supplier can be used for bar service, but a KFS Purchase Agreement will need to be set up and fully approved before the bar service can be utilized.

Please visit the Conference and Events Services website for alcohol permit information and other requirements for alcohol service on university property and for university events.