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University Catering (Olive & Vine)

Olive & Vine is the on-campus caterer that offers a variety of menu options.

Because catering is considered a Covered Service, Olive & Vine is to be the first consideration for all Davis campus catering requests, and for any requests within 10 miles of the Davis campus.  Olive & Vine uses the direct billing system to charge your departmental account(s).

Learn more by visiting the Olive & Vine website

Paying for Olive & Vine Transaction

When hosting an official UC Davis business event, Olive & Vine will utilize the Preferred Billing Program direct billing option. 

  1. Place your order with Olive & Vine.
  2. The order form requires an Employee ID (AggieTravel Traveler ID).
  3. Olive & Vine will submit the billing through the campus' Preferred Booking Program billing option.
  4. Charges will appear in AggieTravel under Available Expenses.
  5. Import the expense into a report and process as usual.

For questions or help reconciling Entertainment expenses, please contact

Other Catering Options

If Olive & Vine is unable to fulfill a catering request, another approved caterer may be appropriate. You should always document that you contacted Olive & Vine first, and they were unable to fulfill your specific request.