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University Catering (Olive & Vine)

University catering (Olive & Vine) offers a variety of menus that are sustainable, offers quality service, style, and taste.

Learn more about university catering by visiting their website

Paying for university catering

When hosting an official UC Davis business event, Olive & Vine will utilize the Central Travel System (PBP) billing option. 

  1. Place your order with Olive & Vine.
  2. The order form requires an Employee ID (also known as your AggieTravel Traveler ID).
  3. Olive & Vine will submit the billing through the campus' Preferred Booking Program (PBP) billing option.
  4. Charges will appear in AggieTravel under Available Expenses.
  5. Import the expense into a report and process as usual.

For questions or help reconciling Entertainment expenses, please contact