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Supply Chain Management is your trusted partner in the process of obtaining goods and services for UC Davis. Our goal is to deliver the most value for the university through internal services and external supplier partnerships. Here, you’ll find all the services provided by Business and Financial Services, Campus Stores, Distribution and Logistics, Procurement & Contracting Services, Repro Graphics, and Travel & Entertainment.

portrait of tim macguireA message from the Chief Procurement Officer

In the past, Accounting & Financial Services provided a number of Procurement and Accounts Payable services, which functioned as many separate moving pieces, each playing an important role in fulfilling the university’s instructional, research and administrative goals. To better support a single process aimed at providing goods and services to UC Davis, we have brought together Accounts Payable, Distribution Services, Procurement & Contracting Services, Repro Graphics, and Travel & Entertainment to form the Supply Chain Management division.

By working together, we can present a coordinated approach to procurement, improve communication, and provide significant value to the university. Under the Supply Chain Management umbrella, I am excited to see these groups continue to provide expert guidance to our customers and foster a sense of pride among our employees.

On behalf of Supply Chain Management, I look forward to providing you an improved experience and appreciate your support as we continue to grow.

Tim Maguire

News & Announcements

Fiscal Close by the Numbers

August 06, 2019

Another Fiscal Close has come to an end and Supply Chain Management’s Business and Financial Services would like to thank all of the university staff who helped our campus smoothly transition to the new fiscal year. The volume of Kuali Financial Services (KFS) payment request transactions processed between May 15 and July 15 increased by more than 9% and the number of AggieTravel increased by more than 40%!

Airgas Purchase Orders

July 23, 2019

Using open/blanket PO’s with Airgas is an effective method for receiving items as needed, without requiring a PO for every order. To achieve the most efficient invoice processing, please follow the instructions outlined below for open/blanket PO’s with our e-invoicing suppliers.

New Rates for Repro Graphics

July 09, 2019

Effective July 1, 2019, Repro Graphics rates have changed for the first time since 2013. Rates for large format printing and the Campus Copier Program have decreased, along with slight increases in rates for quick copy, color copy, vend outs, design and bindery services. Overall, a reduction in recharge rates of about $24,000 for Fiscal Year 2019/20 is expected.

Rate changes are as follows: