Procurement & Contracting Services Training

There are many training options available for learning more about Purchasing at UC Davis.

New purchasing modules are coming to UC Davis in 2023, as part of the AggieEnterprise implementation. We will be providing more information, as well as training options, both online and in-person, as the implementation gets closer.

Recommended Training Options

The classes below are listed in order of suggested completion and are available in the UC Learning Center.

  • Purchasing 101 (eCourse): Overview of university purchasing policies and procedures, pre-purchasing considerations, and the various purchasing methods at UC Davis, including AggieBuy, Procurement Card, Travel Card, and the Kuali Financial System, and when to use each option.


  • KFS Purchasing Online Training (eCourse): Interactive online overview of the KFS Purchasing module, including the Requisition, Purchase Order, Purchase Agreement, and Vendor processes. Applicable UC Davis Purchasing policy and procedure will also be discussed. This course is approximately 36 minutes in length.  This class is required before access is granted to the purchasing documents in KFS.


  • Software Purchasing (eCourse): The software purchasing processes discussed in this training will help to ensure that your purchase is compliant with university policy, while also protecting and securing data.


  • AggieBuy 101 (eCourse): Overview of AggieBuy, including an overview on AggieBuy roles, types of catalogs available, routing and workflow, user profile settings, document searches, and best practices.



  • AggieBuy Post-Ordering Forum (PDF of August 2018 Forum): Overview of what happens after a Requisition is approved in AggieBuy, also includes instructions on using the Receiving functionality in AggieBuy and how to manage Open Orders (unfilled or partially filled orders).


  • Procurement Card Training (eCourse): Required initial and annual renewal training for all Procurement Card applicants, cardholders, reviewers, and fiscal officers. This training must be completed before a Procurement Card can be issued. 


  • KFS Purchasing Hands-On Practice (in-person): Due to the current pandemic, this class is being held virtually.  An opportunity for users to get hands-on practice with the documents introduced in the online purchasing training. Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions they may have and examples they would like to walk through.

Training Opportunities for Approvers

  • AggieBuy Approvers Training (eCourse): Overview of Approval Functions for AggieBuy Approvers; including approving, rejecting, returning, and editing. Course intended for anyone who is responsible for reviewing/approving AggieBuy transactions.


  • AggieBuy Department Administrator Training (eCourse): This training is recommended for staff who manage the AggieBuy system in their department. It includes an overview of the various AggieBuy roles and how to assign them. It also includes a description of the shared carts and shared favorites functionality that can be beneficial for many departments.

Other Training Opportunities

  • Using Purchase Agreements: This guide, updated in March 2021, provides an overview of what purchase agreements are, the benefits of using them, and how to utilize them in AggieBuy, KFS, and on a Procurement Card.


  • Amendments to Purchase Orders and Purchase Agreements: This guide, updated in March 2021, provides an overview of when an Amendment needs to be processed as well as when it does not. Information is included on what can be done when an Amendment does not need to be processed. 


  • KFS 101 and Accounts Payable: There are also online classes available in the UC Learning Center for learning more about KFS (KFS 101) and Accounts Payable. Learn more on the KFS Training Page