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Exceptional Approvals

Certain events are required by policy to have exceptional approval, in addition to the department approval.

This approval is provided by Travel Accounting, typically by automatic routing through AggieTravel. If approval is required in advance of the report submission, please email the Travel Help Desk at

Examples of expenses that trigger automatic routing for exceptional approval include:

  • Entertainment of the spouse, domestic partner, other partner, or family members of the official host or guest.
  • Tickets purchased for a guest or guests by a host to a sporting, theatrical, or musical event for the purpose of stewardship.
  • Employee morale building and employee recognition events.
  • Exceeding the per-person meal allowance.

Any expense that includes a cash contribution or donation to a third party should have pre-approval through

All expenses that require Exceptional Approval must include a comment or business purpose that clearly explains the need for the expense and/or exception to policy. For example, if the per person maximum allowance is exceeded, a justification is required that fully explains why the higher cost was unavoidable (e.g., Dietary requirement of the guest required a higher cost meal).

Ambiguous or self-descriptive justifications will delay or prevent payment (e.g., Meal costs exceeded maximum per-person dinner rate).

Note: Although exceptional expenses may be approved, be sure to consider any funding restrictions. Entertainment expenses that require additional or exceptional approval are not allowed on state/general funds, which is the responsibility of the department to review.

How is the Exception Approved?

The expense type will determine how the report routes for approval. It is important to fully explain the reason for the purchase in the comments section of the expense type.

For example, using the AggieTravel expense type: Show Tickets will ensure the proper workflow routing of the expense report. Include a comment in the expense line justifying the purchase. 

Another example is when the report type Entertainment—Morale is used. The report will automatically route for exceptional approval. Include a comment in the report header to explain the reason for the morale event.

If you are unsure if an exception will be required or if an expense is allowed, please send an email to to inquire ahead of time.