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Cash Advance

If a traveler is not eligible for a UC Davis Travel Visa card, the AggieTravel Cash Advance feature may be used to request cash before going on a trip or incurring an expense.

To Apply for a Cash Advance:

  1. Use the AggieTravel Request to prepare and submit a cash advance request. 
  2. Ensure the amount requested is accounted for and allocated in the Expenses tab. 
  3. Once submitted, the request is routed for fiscal officer and departmental approval before routing to the central Travel Accounting office for review by the Cash Advance administrator.
  4. If the Cash Advance administrator approves the request, the funds are then distributed by check or direct deposit

Per Travel Policy G-28, upon completion of the trip, you must prepare an expense report to reconcile the cash advance and return any unused portion of the cash advance within 45 days of the trip or event end date.


  • You can choose to have an email sent to you when the cash advance status changes. See Email Notifications for more information.
  • If you have a Travel card, please utilize it for any cash advances you may need. 
  • Issued cash advance information appears in AggieTravel Expense. 
  • Before a cash advance is approved by the Cash Advance administrator, you may recall a submitted cash advance.