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Reconciling a Cash Advance

Add the cash advance to an expense report:

  1. Create an expense report as usual.
  2. Click Details → Cash Advances → Available. The Cash Advances window appears.
  3. Select the check box for the cash advance that you want to associate with the current report.
  4. Click Assign Cash Advance to Report.

The cash advance amount offsets the amount that is to be reimbursed to you; the report totals are adjusted accordingly. To view the report totals, select Details → Report → Totals. The Report Totals page appears.

Substantiate the Cash Advance

Indicate how the cash advance was used by adding expenses to the report. 

If the cash advance was used to pay for a conference registration, an expense line indicating conference registration must be added to the report. 

Return the Unused Cash Advance

The traveler must write a check payable to UC Regents for the unspent portion of the cash advance. 

The department must complete a CASHNet deposit:

  • Reference the AggieTravel expense report key (available in AggieTravel by opening the expense report and clicking on the Report Header link)
  • Enter Chart 3, Account 1121500, and Object 0085
    (Note: If you are repaying a travel expense and NOT a travel advance, you should enter your department account and object code 200R on your CASHNet deposit)
  • In the Project field, enter the employee's ID or non-employee's travel ID number

To process the cash advance return in an expense report:

  1. After adding the cash advance to the report, create a new expense using expense type: Cash Advance Return.
  2. Complete all required fields.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Include a copy of the CASHNet deposit in the report.