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AggieTravel: Change Department Approver(s)

To change or update a department approver in AggieTravel, follow the instructions below.

Send the following information to
  1. Home Department Code (6-digits)
  2. Current approver and approval type
  3. New approver and approval type
  4. Additional supporting information

For example:

  1. HDC: 123456
  2. Current approvers: CAO Joe Smith, Travel and Dean Jane Smithers, Entertainment
  3. New approvers: CAO Smitty Jones, Travel and Dean Jane Smithers, Entertainment
  4. Joe Smith has retired. Smitty Jones will replace Joe as the department travel approver. Smitty Jones' travel reports will route to Dean Jane Smithers for approval.
For a complete list of department approvers, see Decision Support report 318 AggieTravel Department Approvers

*Please note: after the department approver is changed, all reports in routing must be returned to user and resubmitted. 

Temporary Approver Changes

When a department approver is expected to be on extended leave they should add a delegate approver in their AggieTravel profile before departing. If the approver did not add a delegate approver, contact the Travel Help desk for assistance in adding the delegate approver.