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Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program


The Basics

The University of California is partnering with the Remi Group to offer a cost saving alternative for equipment maintenance.

What is it?

The University of California Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program allows you to cover your electronic equipment for both preventative maintenance and repairs under one plan, saving money over buying separate maintenance plans.

What does it do?

The program allows you to call the service provider of your choice, for repairs or maintenance of covered equipment in the following categories:

  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Clinical/Biomedical
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Laboratory/Scientific
  • Mail Room Equipment
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • Radiology/X-ray
  • Security/Fire Alarm Systems
  • Telephone Systems

If you do not have a service provider for any of your covered equipment, Remi Group can help you locate one to meet your needs.

What does it not do?

The program covers equipment of an electronic nature. The following equipment types are not typically covered, as they tend to be more mechanical in nature:

  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • HVAC
  • Lift Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Plant Operation
  • Sterilization Equipment
  • Vehicles

The program also does not cover software maintenance, but most manufacturers will split up software and hardware maintenance services.


How It Works

This page provides an overview of how the program works. Links to specific procedures are provided in each section.

Getting Your Equipment Covered

Departments should submit a KFS Requisition with their annual quote for equipment maintenance. Procurement and Contracting Services will coordinate with Remi to obtain a quote for maintenance under the program. We can also work with departments in advance of their maintenance contracts coming due.  Equipment can be added or deleted form the program by providing written notification. If your inventory changes, notify the Remi Group of the change, and your rate will be adjusted accordingly, on a prorated basis.

Tracking Your Repair/Payment Activity

Repair and payment information is available via Remi OnLine. See the REMI Group UC Reference Guide for instructions on using Remi Online.


Service Call Procedures - Getting Your Equipment Serviced

Vendor Direct - Customers use the vendor of their choice

  1. Call the service vendor of your choice
    • Provide the equipment's location, model, serial/ID number
    • Describe the malfunction or request preventive maintenance
    • If the vendor requires a PO number, use TRG0001319
  2. Once the Service Technician Arrives and provides an estimate
    • If the service call is expected to exceed $7,500 or if equipment replacement is recommended, call the Remi Engineering Hotline at (877) 275-7364 prior to service being completed for assistance in managing the service call.
  3. When the service call is completed
    • Make sure the service technician completes a service report and leaves a copy on site.
    • The service report should include:
      • Service Date/Time & Labor Hours
      • Equipment model, serial/ID number
      • Reported problem
      • Repair description
      • List of parts used including part number/ID and cost
  4. Submit Invoice and Service Report to Remi
    1. Email:
    2. Fax: (704) 887-2916
    3. Mail: The Remi Group | Attention: Claims Dept | 11325 North Community House Rd | Suite 300 | Charlotte, NC 28277
  5. Remi must receive the service report and invoice within 90 days from service event
    • Remi reviews the invoice and service report
    • Remi issues a check directly to the vendor

Remi Dispatch - Remi Group identifies a vendor for your repair/maintenance need

  1. Call The Remi Group's toll free Service Center (866) 296-4847
    • Provide the following information to the Dispatcher:
      1. Caller Name
      2. Location
      3. Phone and e-mail
      4. Service Vendor name and phone, if needed
    • Provide a description of the item needing service:
      1. Item Tag Number or Manufacturer, Model and Serial Number of equipment
      2. Brief Description of the problem
      3. Location of the item
  2. After Service Call Has Been Placed
    • Remi Dispatch will contact your preferred service vendor
    • You will be provided with a reference number, and a partially completed service report (via e-mail) as your confirmation of the service request
    • Call the Service Center (866) 296-4847 if technician is late or other issues arise
  3. After Service Call Has Been Completed
    • The Service Vendor will send an invoice and service report to The Remi Group for processing


Auto Attendant/Voice Mail System

In the event that all Dispatchers are assisting other customers, or if service is requested after normal business hours (Mon–Fri, 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m. EST), please leave a voice mail providing the information specified in the "To Place a Service Call" section. A service representative will contact you shortly.


The Remi Group Special Claims Procedures

90 Day Provision

In order for The Remi Group (TRG) to effectively capture all details necessary for the claims review process, we require you to submit a copy of the service report and invoice within ninety (90) days from the date of service. The service report and invoice should clearly specify the Make, Model and Serial Number of equipment that was serviced, the location of the equipment, details of the service work performed, a list of all parts used, and a breakdown of all charges. If the information submitted as proof of loss is determined insufficient, we must receive requested information to substantiate the loss within ninety (90) days of notification.

TRG is not liable for any loss, damage or occurrence not reported in compliance with the above paragraph.

Replacement of Equipment

If replacement of an item is needed rather than repair you must receive prior authorization from TRG by calling (877) 275-7364. If we agree that replacing an item is more cost effective than repair, you may substitute property of a similar kind, age, model and manufacturer.

TRG is not liable for the cost of any unauthorized property replacement.

Large Loss Notification

If a service event is expected to exceed $7,500 you must immediately notify TRG by calling (877) 275-7364. TRG Engineering will make service repair recommendations and assist you throughout the service process to ensure the best possible repair outcome. However, you have the final decision over the repair process for your equipment. TRG will reimburse for the service event in accordance with your maintenance agreement.

Vendor Does Not Provide Service Report or Invoice

If the Vendor does not provide you with a service report and invoice within thirty (30) days of the service date, contact The Remi Group (TRG) to make preliminary loss notification and send in any documentation you have on the service event. Then, contact the vendor and request the missing documentation be sent immediately. As stated above, TRG requires a detailed service report and invoice for proper loss notification. TRG must receive both types of documentation within ninety (90) days from date of service.

Upgrades/ Modifications/ Overhauls

If the service vendor recommends or plans to do any upgrades, modifications, refurbishment, overhauls, etc., contact TRG Engineering prior to authorizing the vendor to perform this type of work. Our Engineering Department can advise you as to what types of services are covered and not covered under your TRG agreement.