FIS Decision Support: Payments

The following reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) are very helpful for tracking payments.

We recommend scheduling the queries so that you can get timely information sent directly to your email in box!

Check Lookup (387)

  • This query allows you to look up non-credit card payments issued to a vendor. If you don't have the check or payment number, you can enter a date range and vendor. 
  • Report includes following payment types:
    • ACH (Automated Clearinghouse)
    • PMT + (Payment Plus)
    • CHCK (Check)
  • Click on the check number in search results to get detailed information, including the date it was cashed.

Credit Card Payment Lookup (391)

  • Use this query to see university Procurement Card payments issued to a vendor
  • Procurement Card holders should schedule this query to run at least monthly to verify expenses are correct.
  • The Credit Card Payment Detail (392) is automatically accessed when user clicks on links in report

KFS Payment/Credit Lookup (401)

The best query for meeting your AP reporting needs includes Payments and Credits.

  • Search by:
    • date range
    • purchase order #
    • organization
  • Report Includes:
    • KFS document number
    • remit-to vendor
    • check number,  date of issue, and date cashed.

Order Payments (383)

  • This report lists payments made against a specific KFS Purchase Order number
  • In the search results, you can click on the payment document or check number for additional details