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FIS Decision Support: Payments

The following reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) are very helpful for tracking payments.

Check Lookup (387)

  • This query allows you to look up non-credit card payments issued to a vendor. If you don't have the check or payment number, you can enter a date range and vendor. 
  • Report includes following payment types:
    • ACH (Automated Clearinghouse)
    • PMT + (Payment Plus)
    • CHCK (Check)
  • Click on the check number in search results to get detailed information, including the date it was cashed.

Credit Card Payment Lookup (391)

  • Use this query to see university Procurement Card payments issued to a vendor
  • Procurement Card holders should schedule this query to run at least monthly to verify expenses are correct.
  • The Credit Card Payment Detail (392) is automatically accessed when user clicks on links in report

KFS Payment/Credit Lookup (401)

The best query for meeting your AP reporting needs includes Payments and Credits.

  • Search by:
    • date range
    • purchase order #
    • organization
  • Report Includes:
    • KFS document number
    • remit-to vendor
    • check number,  date of issue, and date cashed.

Order Payments (383)

  • This report lists payments made against a specific KFS Purchase Order number
  • In the search results, you can click on the payment document or check number for additional details