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Our system of e-Invoicing minimizes manual entry and expedites the AP payment process.

We currently utilize a system called Transcepta that provides a pre-screening for invoices before they are entered into the financial system. This means less errors for our UC Davis staff to remedy and reduces the number of invoices that require manual scanning/data entry by approximately 30,000!

How e-Invoicing works:

  1. UCD sends PO info to Transcepta nightly.
  2. Supplier enters invoice with Transcepta.
  3. Transcepta prescreens invoice for accuracy.
    • If errors are present, the invoice is rejected back to the supplier for resubmission to Transcepta.
  4. Transcepta transmits invoice to KFS or AggieBuy.
    • Includes PDF copy of invoice.
    • If the import fails, Transcepta is notified to reimport.
  5. KFS/AggieBuy validates invoice.
    • If KFS/AggieBuy validation fails, the invoice is routed to exception queue for manual fix and resubmission.
  6. Document routes for approvals.
  7. Disburse payment to supplier.