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PO Payments

Processing Invoices for Purchase Orders

Invoices related to purchase orders created in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) are entered by the Supply Chain Invoicing team (with a few exceptions). All invoices must include a valid KFS PO number (NOT a pre-purchasing # or other internal tracking number).

Instructions for Processing:

  • Send invoices and credit memos, by PDF attachment, to for processing.
    • Send only one PDF invoice or credit memo per email. 
    • Hard copies of invoices or credit memos are not accepted.
  • The Invoicing team will create and submit the Payment Request (PREQ) document for approval routing.
    • PREQ’s are reviewed or approved by departments (fiscal officer/account delegate) depending on thresholds.
  • Invoices are generally processed by the invoicing team within 3-5 business days.
  • Payments are made to the supplier via check, ACH, wire or credit card.

Points to remember:

  • Sales tax at UC Davis requires the full 10 digit postal code. See below.
    • The Core Davis Campus is not within the city limits of Davis, and is not subject to the additional city tax of .5%.
    • See Tax Reporting for additional information.
  • The Purchase Order may require completion of the Line Item Receiving document before the PREQ can be approved by the fiscal officer/account delegate.
  • For special requests, such as rush invoices or special handling, visit the Special Requests page.


How It Works

  1. After final approval of payment, UC Davis notifies U.S. Bank that the disbursement is authorized.
  2. The supplier receives an email from U.S. Bank with the credentials and a link to the PaymentPlus website.
  3. The supplier logs in and retrieves a one-time credit card preauthorized for any invoices included in the current remittance.
  4. The supplier processes the credit card for the amount due, using their point-of-sale system.
  5. U.S. Bank bills UC Davis for the prior day’s transactions through a daily batch job, and payment is remitted to U.S. Bank via Direct Debit.

Sales Tax

Campus versus City of Davis

  • UC Davis is NOT tax exempt.  
  • The UC Davis campus is not considered part of the City of Davis, and thus only has the base California 7.25% sales tax rate. 
    Deliveries made to off-campus locations should use the correct local tax rates.
  • The Kuali Financial System assesses the 7.25% tax rate by the 4-digit suffix added to the 95616 postal code (ex: 95616-5270).
  • If a supplier invoices the incorrect tax rate, the invoice will either be short-paid or over-paid, depending on the proper rate per the delivery address. The supplier will be notified of the discrepancy by a check stub note added to their remittance. (A corrected invoice is not necessary if the error relates to city versus campus tax rates.)

For more information about UC Davis sales tax, see Tax Reporting & Compliance.