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AggieSurplus for Departments

The information on this page applies only to university departments. For information on making personal purchases see Sales To Employees or Sales to the Public.

Why Buy From AggieSurplus?

  • Save money: We offer a wide-variety of previously owned office, lab, and medical equipment at substantially lower prices than comparable new equipment.
  • Save time: We are conveniently located on campus — no travel required. You can even browse our inventory without leaving your desk!
  • Save the environment: Your purchase today keeps an item from going to the landfill tomorrow. Your purchase helps us meet the campus commitment to sustainability.

Finding What's For Sale

University departments may view a list of items for sale on our website, or at our store on campus. To find out about the latest items, join our email list. All items are sold on a first-come, first-served and as-is, where-is basis.

Free items are always available to departments! These items are not listed online, but are displayed at our store. They're available on a first-come, first-served basis — so check early and often!

The Purchasing Process

With the exception of premium items, all items will be available for public sale on the first day that they are added to inventory. This means that the majority of items will no longer have a 14-day department sale waiting period. Most items will be immediately available for public sale.

Bids and Offers

Department offers are accepted at anytime. See our Terms and Conditions page for bid/offer rules.

Payment and Delivery

Purchases can be made in-person, via email or by phone at 530-752-2145. For in-person purchases, the Billing ID or FIS Account number will be needed at the time of sale. For purchases made via email or phone, please include the following information: tag number, description of item, your contact information including name, department, phone number, fax number and FIS Account number or billing ID.

Purchased items must be removed from AggieSurplus at the time of sale, at the buying department's expense. If needed, AggieSurplus will coordinate delivery of purchased goods at the time of purchase, using an FIS Account number or Billing ID. Delivery is completed by Special Services at a rate of $18.25 per quarter hour (per person). 

Please note that potential buyers should not negotiate a sale with any representative of the selling department. All issues related to a potential sale are to be directed to AggieSurplus, to ensure that multiple offers are handled correctly.

After the Sale

AggieSurplus charges appear in FIS Decision Support (DS) on the Feeder System Transaction Detail (212) report. To see only AggieSurplus charges on the 212, enter BB in the Origin Code field on the query input page.