AggieSurplus Myths

Summer is a great time to clear your clutter and make room for a new academic year. You may have heard that AggieSurplus can help by returning into circulation excess campus and UC Davis Health equipment, furniture and supplies. You may have also heard some of these common Aggie Surplus myths.

Top Five AggieSurplus Myths

  1. There is not enough space at AggieSurplus and it takes too long for AggieSurplus to retrieve my equipment.
  • AggieSurplus will work with you to meet any deadlines that you may have. Planning is essential for everyone. The sooner we know about your needs, the easier it will be for us to meet them.   
  • AggieSurplus recently reduced our store hours, which provides staff more time to focus on processing requests.  
  • Items can also be sold ‘on view’ at your department.  The sooner we can start marketing your items for sale, the faster they will be gone.
  • If AggieSurplus does not have enough space, we will work to find a new home for it on campus or possibly make a donation to a non-profit organization. AggieSurplus is pretty good at finding creative ways to move large amounts of surplus. 
  1. It is too expensive to have my equipment transported to AggieSurplus.
  • To save on your pick-up costs, please see the Storage & Pick-Up Tips available on our website. 
  • AggieSurplus also accepts drop-offs, so you can deliver items yourself. Please coordinate this with us so we know you’re coming.
  1. If I get rid of my equipment, my department will be penalized for the book value.
  • This is not true. While there are no penalties for sending an item to AggieSurplus that has not been fully depreciated, consideration should be given to the depreciation amount set aside for replacing the item.  Same goes for items that are already depreciated.
  1. I am unwilling to sell my equipment for less than “my” asking price so I will just keep it here.
  • The market value will only continue to go down the longer it sits.
  • Market value is really established by what the market will pay for your item. 
  • We perform market value research by visiting a number of different auction sites and using previous sale trends. Our goal is to get you the best return possible. 
  1. It’s just too much of a hassle coordinating with Equipment Management and AggieSurplus so I’ll just keep the items in my department.
  • Yes, some items require special handling and approvals to ensure the safety of our staff and the environment and that inventory is managed appropriately. Storing these items in your department will not eliminate the need for these steps in disposal, only delay it.
  • AggieSurplus staff are experts in this area and can assist you through the process. 

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