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PaymentWorks will be a new supplier portal for streamlining the supplier onboarding process and providing suppliers with invoice/payment information. Implementation date TBA.

A brief overview of PaymentWorks services:

  • New way to add vendors/update vendor records in KFS
  • No more having to process KFS Vendor Documents!
  • Vendor will complete all required information online
  • Vendor's information will then feed into KFS Vendor document
  • Same KFS Vendor Numbers will still be used
  • Informational forums will be announced when available

What Will PaymentWorks Do?

  • For Suppliers: PaymentWorks will allow suppliers to provide and update their information in real-time. It will provide suppliers a view of their invoice/payment status for UC Davis transactions.
  • For Departments: PaymentWorks will allow departments to invite suppliers and see the real-time status of their invitation as it moves toward a completed Vendor record in KFS. Departments will no longer create a Vendor document in the Kuali Financial System.

Why Is PaymentWorks Being Implemented? 

Supplier (vendor) records management is becoming increasingly complex, and the new system will assist in ensuring that the university is compliant with applicable laws/regulations. 

UC Davis adds more than 10K supplier records annually which, added to regular record updates, is a significant workload and can cause delays for campus.  

PaymentWorks will streamline the process by:

  • Significantly reducing the chances of erroneous or duplicate records
  • Provide easier searching and transaction tracking
  • Provide direct visibility to suppliers for payment inquiries, which will reduce the workload/number of questions for UC Davis staff responding to such inquiries

What’s Changing?

There will be a new online web interface for suppliers to upload and update their records (supplier onboarding). Instead of departments entering all of the supplier information on the Vendor document in KFS, the suppliers will be able to interface directly with the PaymentWorks system, and that information will then feed into the KFS Vendor document.

Suppliers will be able to access one central location for AggieBuy and KFS payment activity.

What’s NOT changing? 

Supplier (Vendor) records will still reside in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). KFS will still be the system of record for the data. You will continue to cite the same vendor #s when processing KFS documents (Purchasing and AP). You just won't be using the Vendor document in KFS to add or update vendor records once PaymentWorks is implemented.

How Will It Work?

  1. You will email the supplier (vendor) a link to PaymentWorks to enroll.
  2. The supplier will complete the online enrollment form and the system will automatically use that information to populate their W-9.
  3. The form will automatically route to our Vendor Desk for review.
  4. Once it's been reviewed by the Vendor Desk, the applicable supplier record or update will then appear in KFS.

How Can I Stay Up-To-Date?

There are several ways to stay up-to-date:

  • Bookmark this informational page—updates will be posted here.
  • Make sure you are signed up for the procure-info email list. We'll be sending updates to that list. 
  • Informational forums will be scheduled and provide an overview of the new process.