FIS Decision Support: Procurement & Contracting Reports

FIS Decision Support for departmental purchasers.

The following reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) are very helpful for departmental purchasers:

We recommend scheduling the queries so that you can get timely information sent directly to your email in box!

Agreement Usage Report (412)

A great way to stay up-to-date on the purchasing your organization is doing against established purchasing agreements:

  • Departmental (blanket)
  • Local (Davis and Sacramento area vendor agreements)
  • UC Systemwide agreements (Fisher, Dell, Grainger, etc.)

You can also run the query against a specific agreement number to see all the activity across multiple organizations/departments.

Animal Protocol (352)

  • Used primarily by departments that purchase animals.
  • Displays animal purchases that are associated with an animal protocol number.
  • Animal protocol numbers help ensure that animals are being humanely treated and in accordance with federal guidelines.
  • Animal protocol numbers are managed by the UC Davis Safety Services Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Commodities Purchased Log (365)

A great report tool for tracking purchased commodities in both KFS and AggieBuy, includes many search options:

  • Vendor Code: Search for commodities purchased from a specific vendor.
  • Commodity Codes: Specify a list of codes to see on your report.
  • Chart/Org/Account: See purchases for specific accounts or orgs.
  • Show Org Level 4:  When this option is checked, results include the higher-level organization code to which the organization cited on the purchasing document reports (e.g., Dean’s Office).
  • Report Sort Order:  This field allows sorting of the results by Commodity Code, Organization Code, or Vendor Name; the default sort is numerically by Commodity Code.

Open Purchasing Orders (364)

  • Report is used to track open purchase orders in KFS.
  • Includes both KFS and AggieBuy orders, but user has option to select ONLY open AggieBuy orders!
    • AggieBuy creates an accompanying KFS PO
  • Report shows if PO is open with liens (encumbrances) or not.
  • Purchase order can be closed or voided in KFS after confirming status of order.
    • Will it be fulfilled or not?
  • Recommend scheduling this query so that you stay on top of open orders.
    • Less work required at fiscal close!

Purchasing Card Review (363)

  • Report used primarily by fiscal officers and staff who oversee Procurement Cardholders and transactions.
  • Includes the default account assigned to card, card issue date, and last date of Procurement Card training.