Reporting: Procurement & Contracting

This page provides a list of recommended FIS Decision Support reports for departmental purchasers.

Please note that these FIS Decision Support reports will not be updated after December 2023, but still can be referred to for historical purposes. Refer to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Reports Knowledge Base Article and AggieDash info page to learn more about reporting for January 2024 and later.

The following reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) are very helpful for departmental purchasers:

We recommend scheduling the queries so that you can get timely information sent directly to your email in box!

Agreement Usage Report (412)

A great way to stay up-to-date on the purchasing your organization is doing against established purchasing agreements:

  • Departmental (blanket)
  • Local (Davis and Sacramento area vendor agreements)
  • UC Systemwide agreements (Fisher, Dell, Grainger, etc.)

You can also run the query against a specific agreement number to see all the activity across multiple organizations/departments.

Animal Protocol (352)

  • Used primarily by departments that purchase animals.
  • Displays animal purchases that are associated with an animal protocol number.
  • Animal protocol numbers help ensure that animals are being humanely treated and in accordance with federal guidelines.
  • Animal protocol numbers are managed by the UC Davis Safety Services Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Commodities Purchased Log (365)

A great report tool for tracking purchased commodities in both KFS and AggieBuy, includes many search options:

  • Vendor Code: Search for commodities purchased from a specific vendor.
  • Commodity Codes: Specify a list of codes to see on your report.
  • Chart/Org/Account: See purchases for specific accounts or orgs.
  • Show Org Level 4:  When this option is checked, results include the higher-level organization code to which the organization cited on the purchasing document reports (e.g., Dean’s Office).
  • Report Sort Order:  This field allows sorting of the results by Commodity Code, Organization Code, or Vendor Name; the default sort is numerically by Commodity Code.

Open Purchasing Orders (364)

  • Report is used to track open purchase orders in KFS.
  • Includes both KFS and AggieBuy orders, but user has option to select ONLY open AggieBuy orders!
    • AggieBuy creates an accompanying KFS PO
  • Report shows if PO is open with liens (encumbrances) or not.
  • Purchase order can be closed or voided in KFS after confirming status of order.
    • Will it be fulfilled or not?
  • Recommend scheduling this query so that you stay on top of open orders.
    • Less work required at fiscal close!

Purchasing Card Review (363)

  • Report used primarily by fiscal officers and staff who oversee Procurement Cardholders and transactions.
  • Includes the default account assigned to card, card issue date, and last date of Procurement Card training.