Amerisource Bergen Account Set-Up and Ordering

The Amerisource Bergen Corporation (ABC) catalog in AggieBuy provides drug distribution and related services, distributes a line of brand name and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) health care products. 

The ABC AggieBuy catalog, PassPort, is restricted to authorized staff with a demonstrated business need.   An account must first be established before an AggieBuy user can shop the ABC catalog, or the user will be unable to access and shop the catalog.

ABC Account Set-Up Process

Campus Department

  1. Email buyer, Daisy Tom in Procurement & Contracting Services, at with the following information:
    • Name of Principal Investigator (PI) and contact information.
    • Indicate what the PI and department will be ordering:
    • Does the department have a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) License?
      • If yes, provide a copy.
      • If no, go to #2 below.
    • Does the department have a Veterinary or Medical license?
  2. List department users who can access account(s).  Each person can have multiple role assignments.
    • State their responsible role (inquiry, ordering, or approver).
    • Include their full name, email, phone, and ship to and bill to addresses.
    • Business Office must list one “Customer Account Administrator” and one backup.
    • Business Office must list one “Invoice Management” person.

Procurement & Contracting Services – Life Science Commodity

  1. Procurement will respond to email requestor within 7 business days with the following list of documents. The requestor must complete each of the forms and return back to Procurement & Contracting Services:
    • Payment Terms Form
    • Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)/Buying Group Declaration Form
    • Additional Account Request Form
    • New users, ABC PassPort Security Access Form
  2. Procurement will review and, if complete, forward forms to ABC New Account specialist Tatiana Tsybulevsky at to assist with:
    • Contacting HIBCC (Health Industry Business Communications Council) to apply for an HIN (Health Industry Number, non-acute)
    • The campus sales representative, Jennifer Assante,, is available for backup support.
  3. Once the department user’s application has been completed and approved, each user will receive an email notification from Amerisource Bergen with log-on access instructions to the ABC PassPort ordering system in AggieBuy.  If necessary, Amerisource Bergen may contact department for additional information.
  4. Procurement representative will send email to Strategic Sourcing Life Science Commodity Manager with new Amerisource Bergen account information.  Strategic Sourcing will connect the new user account to the Vizient Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contract.  Allow a minimum of one week to activate the GPO contract. 

ABC Ordering Process

  1. Log in to AggieBuy.
  2. On the Main Dashboard, under the Catalogs section, Lab Essentials, click on the Amerisource Bergen tile.  The punch-out site will open in a new window.
  3. Log in to Passport with your login credentials that were assigned when your Amerisource Bergen account was first established.
  4. Select the appropriate Amerisource Bergen ecommerce account.
  5. Shop the Amerisource Bergen site, to build your shopping cart, and then return it back into AggieBuy,
  6. Complete the requisition in AggieBuy by submitting your shopping cart for approval.
  7. Once the requisition has been fully approved, the resulting purchase order with an AggieBuy Purchase Order PO# is transmitted to Amerisource Bergen.
  8. Order is fulfilled by Amerisource Bergen.
  9. Order is electronically invoiced in AggieBuy by Amerisource Bergen and automatically paid.

ABC Automatic Payment Process

As orders are fulfilled in AggieBuy, they are electronically invoiced by the supplier, and automatically paid.  This also happens with each Amerisource Bergen order in AggieBuy.  There is nothing you need to do to pay Amerisource Bergen for orders placed in AggieBuy.

It is important that you do NOT download invoices from the ABC Passport system and process payment documents in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), or duplicate payments will be issued to Amerisource Bergen.

Controlled Substances

Although controlled substances are available in the ABC Passport ordering system, orders of these items are NOT allowed and will NOT be fulfilled at this time.  Please refer to the Ordering Controlled Substances page for instructions on the appropriate ordering process for controlled substances.  Thank you for your cooperation.