City of Davis Tax Different from Campus Tax Rate

This page provides an overview of the City of Davis tax rate versus the campus tax rate and how to appropriately manage it in various situations.

City of Davis Zip Codes and Tax Rates

  • Zip code 95616 is assigned to incorporated areas west of Pole Line Rd and north of Interstate 80.
  • Zip code 95618 is assigned to incorporated areas east of Pole Line Rd and south of Interstate 80.

Both of the above zip codes are assessed a tax rate of 8.25% - the sales tax rate for purchases made within the Davis city limits.

  • The 8.25% tax rate does not apply to items received at core campus sites or outlying campus locations (such as the University Airport, Primate Center, and Animal Resources Center) since these are unincorporated areas.
  • The 8.25% tax rate does apply to items received at off-campus locations within the Davis city limits (such as Research Park).

Receiving Goods at Your Department

  • Departments Located Off-Campus, Within Davis City Limits

If you are receiving the item at an off-campus location within the Davis city limits, the tax rate is 8.25%. These locations include Research Park facilities.

  • Departments Located On Core Campus, or in Unincorporated Areas

If you are located on the Davis campus or in an outlying unincorporated area (e.g. Primate Center, Equine Research, etc.) the tax rate is 7.25%. The default zip code for campus is 95616-5270 which assesses a tax rate of 7.25%. Review Organization Lookup (49) in Decision Support for the organizations for which you are responsible. Be sure the default shipping address is accurate, including the zip code. When communicating with a supplier at the time of an order, let them know that you are not subject to the extra 1.00% tax. If necessary, refer them to information on the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Website that shows UC Davis is subject to 1.00% lower tax rate than the City of Davis.

Receiving Goods at a Davis Supplier

If you are going to a supplier within Davis to purchase an item, you are subject to the 8.25% sales tax rate. You will need to change the ship-to zip code on those orders to 95616 or 95618 as appropriate in order to calculate at the 8.25% rate.

Departments with AP Feeds

Please follow the instructions above relevant to your department's physical location. If your department should only pay the 7.25%, then make sure your feed sends the zip+4 (as indicated above) in place of the standard 95616 or 95618. If your feed sends 95616 or 95618, the system will use the 8.25% rate.

Procurement Card System-Assessed Tax

For purchases with out-of-state suppliers, the system will assess the tax rate based on the ship-to zip Code for your organization. The zip code indicated for your organization should be the one that iscous most frequently used for shipments.