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Common Invoice Issues & Best Practices

Below are some common issues our team encounters with invoices, avoiding these will ensure timely processing and payment of your invoice. 

  • Missing or invalid PO on invoice
  • Multiple invoices submitted on same ticket
  • Remit-to address is not in Kuali
  • Tax rate incorrect on invoice or Purchase Order
  • Line item receiving

Best Practices: Changing an Account Number on a P.O.

Is your KFS Purchase Order (P.O.) set up with the correct account? Any necessary account changes should be made by creating an amendment to the P.O. as soon as possible, but BEFORE the invoice is submitted to UC Davis by the supplier.  In the past, the Accounts Payable Invoicing Service (APIS) team was able to make changes to the account on behalf of departments, but due to the increasing number of invoices sent directly to the APIS team, this service is no longer available. Being proactive with account changes helps eliminate the need for corrections after the KFS Payment Request (PREQ) is final. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.