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AggieTravel: Professional Expenses

With the exception of professional memberships and certifications, these expenses represent unauthorized purchases according to UC Procurement Policy. All purchases of goods or services on behalf of the university are required to follow appropriate procurement processes and procedures. For expenses not related to travel or entertainment, this usually includes explicit approval by authorized personnel before the purchase occurs.

We recognize that there are circumstances which make it more difficult to comply, which is why we provide the Professional Expense reports as a means to be reimbursed. However, our goal is minimize the use of this tool and ensure all our staff and faculty take advantage of the appropriate means to purchase goods and services.

The first choice for purchases should always be AggieBuy, the university’s online catalog ordering system. If an item is not available in AggieBuy, the next best choice is to use a departmental Procurement card (P-card) for any allowed goods or services. Finally, if AggieBuy and the P-card will not work, a requisition and purchase order should be completed in the Kuali Financial System. This is the most expensive and time consuming option, so please take advantage of AggieBuy and your department P-cards first.

Find the best method for your purchase on "How Do I Buy". For questions not answered at, contact

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