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AggieTravel: Planned System Downtime

September 06, 2019

As part of the UC Davis campus UCPath implementation, all UC Davis staff will receive a new employee ID number.

To ensure a smooth transition of these new ID numbers into AggieTravel, users will not have access to AggieTravel Wednesday, September 18 after 6:00 p.m. and all day Thursday. Access to AggieTravel is expected to resume by the start of business on Friday, September 20, 2019.

Travel procedures during UCPath data conversion

August 14, 2019
As part of the UCPath implementation, there will be a period of time when booking travel through AggieTravel and other ConnexxUC agencies will be impacted. Below are some anticipated impacts and guidance for current and new employees. Approver Management

During the conversion to UCPath, Travel Accounting will not be able to update or change travel or entertainment approvers. Any changes to department approvers need to be made prior to September 1, 2019. Approver changes will resume after September 22, 2019.

AggieTravel: Professional Expenses

June 27, 2019

With the exception of professional memberships and certifications, these expenses represent unauthorized purchases according to UC Procurement Policy. All purchases of goods or services on behalf of the university are required to follow appropriate procurement processes and procedures. For expenses not related to travel or entertainment, this usually includes explicit approval by authorized personnel before the purchase occurs.

Personal use of the Travel Card

June 10, 2019

The UC Davis Travel card should not be used for personal expenses. If an ancillary personal expense is accidentally charged on the travel card (restaurant meal exceeded daily meal limit, extra lodging night was not split by hotel, etc.) the cardholder must immediately remit payment directly to U.S. Bank for the non-reimbursable amount. The payment confirmation must be entered in the new field, Payment Confirmation, on the Personal or Non-Reimbursable expense type in AggieTravel.

CTS Transactions (> 1 year old)

April 01, 2019
Unreconciled CTS expenses which have not been added to an AggieTravel report for over 1 year are no longer available for reconciliation.

These expenses were already charged to the department account when originally imported. As a reminder, all expenses must be reconciled in AggieTravel within 60 days of the trip or event end date. 

New Report Type in AggieTravel

August 30, 2018
You Spoke and We Listened…

When making a purchase on behalf of UC Davis, it is expected that employees use approved purchasing methods (see our “How do I Buy” chart).

Taxation of Late Reports

August 22, 2018
UC policy requires all employees to report travel and entertainment expenses within 45 days of the end of the trip or event. Expense Report Deadlines

All UC Davis travel and entertainment expenses must be authorized, reported and reimbursed in accordance with University of California policies G-28 and BUS-79.

Restricted Travel Law

February 05, 2018
The CA Attorney General office has published the list of states which are subject to AB 1887’s travel prohibitions.


AggieTravel is the travel and entertainment expense reporting tool used by UC Davis employeesConcur Technologies, a division of SAP, brings UC Davis an automated, mobile and connected travel and expense management software. AggieTravel...
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