Post-KFS REQ Procurement Options

Post-KFS REQ Procurement Options

Now that it is no longer possible to create a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), here are the other purchasing options available to you, listed in order of preference:

  • AggieBuy:  AggieBuy continues to be the best option for purchasing supplies and capital assets (equipment) from more than 45 catalog suppliers. Before considering another option, start with AggieBuy to find the laboratory, medical, office, computer, software, custodial, and furniture products you need. NOTE: AggieBuy will no longer be available after Friday, Dec. 8, 2023, at 5 pm PT, so complete necessary AggieBuy ordering as soon as possible.


  • Procurement Card: If you can’t find the needed items in AggieBuy, the Procurement Card is the next best option. Use the P-Card to purchase non-capital assets and supplies up to the limit of $9,999.99. The Procurement Card will continue to be available throughout the cutover period.


  • Cutover Emergency Purchase Order Request form: If you need to procure a service, restricted goods, or capital assets not available in AggieBuy, and the request is of an emergency or business-critical nature, the Cutover Emergency Purchase Order Request form is to be completed, but only if the two above options are not applicable to your purchasing situation. The request form will route to buyers in Procurement and Contracting Services, who will assist with the requested purchase. The request form will be available until Jan. 4, 2023, when Aggie Enterprise launches.

Please see the Supply Chain Calendar for important dates and deadlines as we prepare for the implementation of Aggie Enterprise in January.

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