Mail Services: Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides Mail Services FAQ. If you cannot locate the information you are looking for, please contact us at

Q:  Is Mail Services open for outgoing mail?

A;  Yes, Mail Services is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.  For mail to be posted the same day, it must be dropped off by 3pm at 615 Hopkins Rd on the Davis campus or at 7301 14th Ave in Sacramento.

Q:  Can I generate a label for packages at home?

A;  Yes, you can generate a label via FedEx or UPS using AggieShip and a standard laserjet printer. US Postal packages must be mailed by Mail Services at 615 Hopkins Rd on the Davis campus or at 7301 14th Ave in Sacramento.

Q;  What is the most cost-efficient method for mailing packages?

A;  With University pricing, FedEx and UPS Ground, available in AggieShip, tend to be the most cost effective. In addition, package tracking is included in the shipping cost.

Q;  Where do I get packaging?

A:  Mail Services can provide vendor packaging; contact In addition, you can obtain vendor packaging at any FedEx or UPS store. You can also use your own packaging.

Q:  How do I get the package to the carrier?

A;  For FedEx or UPS please visit instructions on the AggieShip page.

Q;  Can I order USPS stamps from Mail Services?

A;  Yes, Mail Services sells stamps to departments, utilizing their campus recharge number and after the completion of the stamp request form. Stamps can be will-called at 615 Hopkins Rd on the Davis campus, or at 7301 14th Ave in Sacramento, or mailed to the department. 

Q;  Who can assist with large or unique mailings?

A:  Bulk Mail Services can assist.  They can be contacted at

Q;  What information does Mail Services need if inquiring about a will-call shipment?

A:  Please provide a tracking number when inquiring about a will-call shipment, or when sending a service request to

Q: Where does Mail Services deliver departmental mail? 

A;  Mail Services can only deliver mail to the actual departmental mail stop, often the departmental business office.  See the delivery locations posted on the Mail Delivery Schedule page.  Mail Services cannot deliver packages to individual labs.  Please check with your business office if you have a question on the status of a mail delivery prior to contacting Mail Services.