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Bulk Mail Piece Preparation

Mail piece preparation services helps your department save time and help maximize postal discounts.

Services include:

  • FoldingBulk Mail Services (BMS) offers various types of machine folding:
    • half fold (also known as a single fold) for flyers and posters
    • two-way fold
    • letter or Z fold
    • Hand folding is also available for any material that cannot be machine folded
  • Inserting: BMS can machine insert 1 to 6 items into a #10 envelope. When ordering envelopes for this purpose, please purchase those with squared flaps. Please note that thin material and odd cut sizes can be difficult to machine insert.

  • Stapling and Tabbing: Stapled materials can cause problems with our folding machines, as well as the automated systems at the Post Office. For this reason, tabbing is preferable for closing mailed items. BMS has tabbing equipment and can tab your material quickly and efficiently.

  • Sorting, Sacking and Permit Preparation: BMS can help you meet all the requirements for sorting and preparing your bulk mailings. We also take care of the postage permit that must accompany all Standard and Periodical Class mailings or any First Class mailing.

  • Mixed services: Some departments may choose to prepare their own bulk mailings, but using the professional services of BMS will help your department maximize postal discounts. We can also assist by sorting and printing envelopes so that you can insert them yourself.

Bulk mailings should not be taken directly to a U.S. Post Office. BMS will submit them on behalf of your department.