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Bulk Mailing Lists

Bulk Mail Services (BMS) can maintain your mailing lists for you. Lists can be tailored and modified to fit your mailing needs.

Mailing List Services Include:

  • List Maintenance: Lists can be tailored and modified to fit your mailing needs.

  • Import Data: For departments that maintain their own mailing lists, BMS is able to accept your lists in any of the following formats:

    • Preferred formats include Excel, Access and CSV.

    • Send the list as an attachment via email to

    • Provide the file on a flash drive

  • Duplication Deletion: Our postal software is capable of checking for duplicate addresses. This is particularly handy when two or more lists are combined to create a new mailing list. Eliminating duplicates will reduce complaints and save you money.

  • Mailing List Hygiene: In order to receive the discounts, BMS must comply with USPS standards as they relate to mailing list hygiene. In addition to standardizing all address formats, BMS must also verify recipient names and addresses through CASS certification, DPV or NCOA.

  • Address Change Service: We encourage the use of this postal service to receive the updated delivery addresses for your mailing lists. By signing up for this service you can significantly reduce your return mail postage expenses. Please contact Bulk Mail Services for more information at