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Rate Schedule

Below are Mail Services Rates, effective January 1st, 2019.

Postage Surcharge

  • 25.5%  (previously 25.0%)
  • Applies to postage supplied by Mail Services and UC Davis Health Mail Services

Sorting Fee

  • Initial Mail Sort: $49.00 (previously $47.50)
  • Subsequent Mail Sort: $49.00 (previously $47.50)

Special Messenger

  • $17.00 per quarter-hour (previously $17.50)
  • This rate applies to all ad hoc requests including FedEx pickups and separation check deliveries.

Bulk Mail Services Postage Surcharge

  • 17.5% (previously 19.24%)

 Bulk Mail Services Production Rate

  • $60.00/hour (previously $64.00/hour)


  • If you have any UC Davis Mail Services questions, please email Jennifer Carmichael or call 530-752-6686.
  • For USPS rate information, please visit the USPS website.