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Guidelines for Marketable Items

The following is offered as a rough guide for how AggieSurplus determines the marketability of an item. Acceptance of items is subject to space availability, the current stock on hand and approval of AggieSurplus. 

This list is subject to change and will be updated as necessary.

Item Age Condition Exceptions/Requirements
Appliances Flexible Fair to New Item must be in working order, or a non-working stainless steel item with scrap value
Computers/Laptops 2010 and newer Fair to New Some non-working items are accepted for sale as "parts only" (i.e. laptops, some older computers, those without HDs and/or RAM), exceptions may be made for Mac products; hard drives must be completely wiped
Cords/Cables Flexible Fair to New Cords must be sorted and untangled
Faxes and Scanners 2010 and newer Fair to New MFCs with faxes will not be resold.  Scanners should include software
Furniture Flexible Fair to New Most general furniture items accepted.  Accepted on a limited basis depending on circumstances/space: cubicles, mattresses (no stains/rips), metal L-shaped desks, or overhead binder bins
Keyboards/mice Flexible Fair to New USB and wireless keyboards (must include USB dongle).  No PS2 styles
Lab Items Flexible Fair to New

All lab items must be decontaminated.  Lab glass should be autoclaved and boxed in amounts of 40lbs or less.  Exterior of box must be labeled "clean."  Lab instruments should include manuals, accessories, etc. 

NOT ACCEPTED: Invasive instruments like colposcopes, needles, vials/bottles with unknown liquids, mercury-containing devices (contact Safety Services for assistance with these types of disposals)

Miscellaneous Electronics
(i.e pda's, cell phones, projectors)
Flexible Fair to New NOT ACCEPTED: hard drives, cordless phones, older style PDAs
Monitors Flexible Fair to New

19" and larger; necessary power supply and remotes should be included

NOT ACCEPTED: CRTs are no longer accepted

Office Supplies Flexible Fair to New Mugs, File Folders, Paper Clips, Art, Staplers, Etc.
Printer Cartridges Not Expired Fair to New

New items can be sent via intercampus mail to AggieSurplus

Used items should be labeled "For Recycling" and sent to Distribution Services via intercampus mail

Printers, Copiers, MFCs 2010 and newer Fair to New

Printers are accepted, subject to space availability

NOT ACCEPTED: copiers or MFCs (since we cannot verify that the hard drive has been cleared, we cannot sell these items)

Servers/Server Racks 2010 and newer Fair to New

Racks accepted on a case-by-case basis

Large units in racks must stay on view in the department

NOT ACCEPTED: Sun brand servers

Tablets/iPads/iPhones Flexible Fair to New All items should be restored to factory settings, and any iCloud accounts disassociated with them prior to pick up
All other items with the exception of guns and animals Flexible Needs Repair to New Items will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis on the AggieSurplus Service Request form and/or in consultation with the AggieSurplus coordinator