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Furniture Program FAQs

  • How do I begin the furniture ordering process?
  • You may wish to begin by searching the AggieBuy furniture catalogs. In UCD Buy can order directly from our furniture providers. If you need assistance with special requests, or if you aren't sure what you need, contact the Furniture Program.

  • How long does the process take?
  • The time it takes can vary considerably, depending on the type of furniture ordered and any special requests. Refer here for a general overview of the process and timelines.

  • What vendor options do we have when ordering furniture?
  • The university has agreements for Steelcase and HON furniture.

  • Can the Furniture Program handle large departmental furniture projects?
  • Our professionally trained staff have handled several furniture projects for up to 50 people. If your project is beyond our scope, or if we can't handle it within a reasonable amount of time, we can direct you to an appropriate off-campus service provider.

  • Can I samples of the available furniture and try it before I purchase it?
  • We maintain a showroom of the most commonly purchased furniture items on campus. These items can be tried in our showroom, or you can rent some items on a short-term basis to determine if the furniture will meet your long-term needs.

  • What type of wheels do I need for my chair?
  • For soft surfaces (carpet) hard wheels are needed. For hard surfaces (linoleum or hard plastic chair mats) order chairs with soft wheels. Choosing the appropriate wheels will insure the chairs will roll easily and not damage or mar linoleum floors.

    At this time, soft wheels are not available as a standard item for HON chairs. Contact the Furniture Program who will place a special order for the department and will install wheels.

  • What are some of the major benefits of using the Furniture Program?
  • The major reasons to choose the Furniture Program include:
    > Convenience. Our showroom is located on campus.
    > Cost Savings. You may see cost savings of 50-70% over off-campus service providers.
    > Professionalism. Our staff are professionally trained in furniture installation and will help you find the furniture that best meets your needs.

  • I've been told that purchasing refurbished furniture will save me a lot of money. Is this true?
  • This is generally not true. Refurbished furniture is more expensive than new furniture from Steelcase or HON. There is often a great deal of handling and labor involved in the refurbishing process. The markups charged by the refurbishing dealers and brokers are not negotiated and are usually very high compared to the negotiated Steelcase and HON discounts. Finally, delivery and installation charges levied by the refurbishing dealers are much higher than what you will pay when using the Furniture Program.

  • Does Steelcase offer budget-priced options in their furniture lines?
  • Steelcase offers several budget-priced options in the Turnstone line, which offers quality furnishings at value prices. While many Steelcase products carry high list prices, they also offer unusually deep discounts to UCD that make the final customer prices of their furniture lines competitive with the other manufacturers in their class.

  • Is the Furniture Program available for UC Davis Medical Center furniture purchases?
  • Considerations such as furniture standardization, uniformity and conformity with health care standards need to be addressed by the UC Davis Medical Center Facilities Planning office prior to any purchases of furniture. It is the Facilities Planning office's job to ensure that all furniture at the hospital meet UC Davis Medical Center requirements. Please contact them at (916) 734-6570.