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Our Services

Delivery and Installation Services

Delivery and installation services can be provided by the Furniture Program's trained and experienced delivery crew or by outside vendor(s). When provided by the Furniture Program, delivery and placement of free-standing furniture items are provided at no extra charge for Steelcase furniture; an hourly fee applies for other furniture lines. Assembly of modular furniture components (including Steelcase) is also handled on an hourly basis. Outside vendors will charge for all rendered services at a higher overall cost.

The Furniture Program will work with departments at the time the order is received to coordinate and implement an installation process that is convenient, timely and responsive to the customer's needs. The actual logistics of the installation(s) will depend on the size of the project and customer specifications.

If requested, the Furniture Program will work with the department, installation vendors, designers, and the furniture manufacturer to insure that installation problems are resolved in a timely and quality manner.

Delivery, assembly and installation of all furniture is completed by the Special Services unit at a rate off $15.75/quarter hour.

Design Services

The Furniture Program is equipped to provide design assistance for departmental furniture projects. Our services include field measurement, space planning, programming, and workstation and office design. The Furniture Program showroom features a full line of catalogs and fabric samples for assisting customers. We utilize GIZA, a computer assisted drawing software, to provide a variety of working level and 3-dimensional drawings. Our design services, charged by the hour, cost about half that of outside designers.

The Furniture Program designers are able and willing to use other vendors when appropriate; i.e. for lower total overall cost, special needs, or Worker Compensation recommended solutions.

To meet with one of our designers, please contact or 754-5856 to schedule an appointment.

Furniture Program staff will bill for all time spent working on your furniture order at a rate of $14.75/quarter hour ($59/hour).

Office Chair Rentals

The Furniture Program maintains an inventory of office chairs that can be rented on a monthly basis for $25 per calendar month, plus a small delivery fee from Special Services. This can be a useful option for campus users who have temporary seating needs, want to try a chair before committing to purchase, or need a chair while waiting for a new one to be selected, ordered and delivered. If you require chairs or banquet tables for a special event, please contact Special Services.

Please call us at (530) 754-5856 to discuss specific needs or to arrange delivery or pick-up of rental chairs.

Office Chair Rental Rate:  $25.00/calendar month plus Special Services delivery/pick-up charge (as stated above).