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Supply Chain Management Leadership

Supply Chain Management Leadership

portrait of uc davis avc kelly ratliffKelly Ratliff
Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration


Photo of Blair Stephenson, FOA Assistant Vice-Chancellor

Blair Stephenson
Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration




portrait of tim maguire chief procurement officer at uc davisTim Maguire
Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Supply Chain Management & Chief Procurement Officer


portrait of mike kuhner manager accounts payable uc davisMike Kuhner
Director, Business & Financial Services


Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan
Director, Procurement



Donna Horbelt

Donna Horbelt
Director, Repro Graphics


Jen Carmichael

Jen Carmichael
Director, Distribution & Logistics


Crystal O'Hara

Crystal Ross O'Hara
Client Relationship Manager