Mail Services

Mail Services processes all UC Davis and UC Davis Health mail received from the US Postal Service, as well as all pieces routed through Campus Mail.

Please allow extra time for mailings.  Refer to the USPS Service Alerts , UPS Service Alerts, and FedEx Service Alerts pages for the latest updates.

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General Information

We pick up mail from your department at the same time your deliveries are made. Mail may also be dropped at one of our mail processing locations. Although mail is picked up at the same time each day, you may request a special messenger for urgent mail that cannot wait for regular delivery. When possible, your mail will be picked up and delivered immediately. Requests submitted by 3 p.m. can be accommodated the same day.

Mail Services handles mail for campus and Medical Center departments only.  We do not deliver student mail or packages.  Mail for students living on campus is handled by the US Postal Service and third party carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL).  Those mailings are delivered directly to the student's dorm of residence, and are not stored or will-called at the Mail Services unit.

Mail Tubs

Mail tubs are provided for each department for outgoing mail. These tubs should be used for mail delivery only, as they are in limited supply, and should not be used for storage, filing, or stockpiled for future use. Additional mail tubs, trays or bags can be requested for your department to prepare and contain mailings. Call the Delivery Supervisor for availability and delivery.

Other Services: Bulk Mail and Ship-Out Programs

Mail Services provides additional services, including Bulk Mail and Ship-Out programs. Mail Services will also seal certain types of envelopes for you at no additional charge. To qualify for the sealing service, there must be 25 or more letter-size envelopes with the flaps interlaced, neatly rubber banded with the addresses facing in the same direction. Envelopes must not be overstuffed.

Mail Services is for Business Use Only, No Personal Use

UC Davis Mail Services only delivers business mail on behalf of the University. If you are looking to send any personal mail, you will need to apply a US Postage stamp to the personal mail, and deposit it in a USPS mailbox or at the Post Office.