Freight Shipments

This page includes information on Freight Shipments.

Freight Shipments

Freight service is available through the Central Storehouse for shipments greater than 151lbs - please email Mail Services or call 530-752-2077 for assistance with this service.

Service Specifics:

  • Single or multiple-piece freight must be banded or shrink-wrapped to skids prior to delivery to storehouse
  • Skids can weigh 151-1,500 lbs. each
  • Maximum size: 70" in height, 119" in length and 300" in length and girth combined
  • For all outgoing shipments, a completed and signed UC Davis Shipping Memo is required

UC Davis Shipping Memo

The UC Davis Shipping Memo is required for all outbound shipments not processed via AggieShip.  Shipments presented without an airway bill must be accompanied by a UC Davis Shipping Memo

  1. Complete all required fields on the form.
  2. Print two copies and leave them with the outbound shipment.
  3. One copy will be signed and returned to you when we pick up your shipment.