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AggieSurplus Service Requests

Requester Information
Billing/Recharge Information
Item Information
Should include:

  • Quantity
  • Description (State whether or not the item has an asset number; include the asset number if applicable. If no asset number, include the serial number.)
  • Oversized (Weight and/or dimension for large items that may require two or more people to remove)
  • Condition (Is the item working?)
  • Location (Building/Room Number)
  • Facilities Work Order Number (if applicable)
  • Contact Person (If different from requester information above)
For requests of 5 items or more:
In addition to submitting this Service Request form, please complete this Excel spreadsheet and send it to

In addition to submitting the Service Request form above, please complete any additional forms that are applicable to your service. 

The applicable forms should be attached to your items, but NOT emailed or otherwise submitted to AggieSurplus 

  1. Decommissioning Form - For items that include refrigerant or oil.
  2. Decontamination Form - For items that contain, or were used to store, hazardous materials. Complete with the help of your department’s EH&S Specialist.
  3. Vehicle Form - For vehicles.
  4. On View Form - For items being sold on-site.