Insurance Requirements

Some transactions between the university and suppliers require that the supplier provide insurance coverage.

This page provides some basic information about handling insurance requirements. 

The supplier’s insurance certificate must be on file in the UC Davis Procurement & Contracting Services Department before work commences. A certificate of insurance is a document issued by insurance carriers as evidence of insurance coverage. Failure of the supplier to provide an insurance certificate, upon request, will result in significant delays in processing purchase orders.

Insurance Requirements

Various coverage types and limits are required depending on the type of service or contract. The following are basic guidelines that are subject to change, based upon the specific transaction:

  • Commercial and General Liability
    • Standard coverage limits: $2M aggregate, $1M each occurrence, $2M Products and Completed Operations
    • Required endorsement: "The Regents of the University of California are named as additional insured"
  • Professional Liability
    • Standard coverage limits: $2M Aggregate, $2M each occurrence
  • Business Automobile Liability
    • Standard coverage limits: $1M each combined single limit
    • Required endorsement: "The Regents of the University of California are named as additional insured"
  • Worker's Compensation: Coverage as required by law. If a supplier has one or more employees, the supplier is required to provide proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  If the supplier does not have employees, they can complete the Waiver Form (PDF) and email to the university buyer processing the order.

Repair Orders

University Requisitions citing a repair order service require an insurance certificate to be on file. The supplier's insurance certificate should be sent to UC Davis Procurement & Contracting Services.

Once the insurance certificate is received, the Procurement & Contracting Services team will update the specific supplier record in the university's financial system, the Kuali Financial System (KFS).   KFS will not allow a Requisition to be submitted where a repair service is cited if the insurance for that supplier is either missing or expired.


For further information, contact:

UC Davis Procurement & Contracting Services Department

UC Davis Health Purchasing Department