User Interface and Name Changes LIVE in AggieTravel!

User Interface and Name Changes LIVE in AggieTravel!

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AggieTravel has unveiled a more streamlined look, as of September 12. User interface (UI) changes include cleaner screens, larger fonts with easier-to-read text, larger fields, making it easier to search for and enter data, and easier-to-use buttons.

In addition to these screen improvements, the system name has been changed from AggieTravel to AggieExpense, to better reflect the diversity of transaction types that can be processed in the system.

The changes to the user interface in AggieTravel do not affect overall functionality or change how requests or reports are processed in AggieTravel.

The system also has a new URL,, but the address redirects there. There is also a new help desk email address,, but the old help address,, remains operable. 

For more detailed information on the changes, visit the UI and name change webpage.

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