AggieTravel: New Name AND User Interface Improvements: September 2022

Improvements to the AggieTravel user interface, along with a new name, AggieExpense, are LIVE!  This page highlights the changes that will make your travel and entertainment processing easier, quicker, and hopefully more intuitive, too.

Aggie Expense Logo

The changes to the user interface in AggieTravel do not affect overall functionality or change how requests or reports are processed in AggieTravel, but hopefully make it easier to complete travel requests and expense reports.  NOTE: The card application changes are tentatively scheduled for October 2022.

Summary of Overall Changes

  • New name, AggieExpense, reflects the diversity of transaction types that can be processed in the system, including, but not limited, to travel processing
  • URL will continue to be available for accessing the system, along with; and can be used to access the Travel and Expense Help Desk.
  • Cleaner, more streamlined screens
  • Larger fonts with easier to read text
  • Larger fields making it easier to search for and enter data
  • Larger, easier to use buttons
  • Required fields indicated with an asterisk (*) for easier identification
  • Approval screens have not changed. The look and feel of the approval screens remains the same.
  • In addition, the fax interface for uploading images and attachments to expense reports or invoices will be retired (inactivated) as of October 1, 2022. 
AggieTravel New Travel Request Screen


  • Alerts and warnings more prominent, making it easier to identify what fields need attention
AggieTravel New UI Alert Messaging
  • Easier to save and use default and favorite account(s) on Travel Requests and Expense Reports
AggieTravel New UI Account Favorites

Travel Request Changes

  • "Cash Advances" is now under the "Expected Expenses" section, making it easier to complete a cash advance request when completing a travel request.
AggieTravel New UI Cash Advance Expected Expenses Section

Expense Report Changes

  • New link to "Create from an Approved Request" makes it easier to pre-populate expense report with data from approved Travel Request.


  • Receipt image functionality is more prominent, making it easier to upload receipts and easier for approvers to confirm that receipt data matches report information.
AggieTravel Receipt Functionality on Create Expense Report

Report Key Changes

In order to ensure appropriate security, Concur has determined that the Report Key should not be exposed publicly

The Report Key no longer displays as it has previously.

That being said, the Report Key will still be available in several locations:

  • AggieTravel processors can still run the FIS Decision Support AggieTravel Report Lookup (419) report to see all the report information, including the Report Key.
  • When approving reports, AggieTravel approvers can still see the Report Key. 

New Card Application and Request Process Transitioning to AggieTravel

Later in Fall 2022, the process for applying for a new Procurement Card or Travel Card will be moving to AggieTravel.  Not only will you be able to apply for a card in AggieTravel, but you will also be able to:

  • Request a higher or lower dollar transaction threshold,
  • Close or cancel a no longer-needed card,
  • And, more to be determined soon!


Contact with any questions on these user interface changes in AggieTravel, now known as AggieExpense.