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New Travel Cards Coming This Spring

  • Change to travel cards eliminates the possibility of late fees and suspended cards. Learn more here.
  • Travel cardholders must not use their cards for personal use. Learn more here.
  • All existing travel cardholders must apply for a new card.
  • To apply for the new card, you must complete a short online course. To avoid delays, please take the online course as soon as possible.

This spring, UC Davis will improve the Travel Card Program by replacing the current cards with new travel cards that will be paid nightly. That means no more late fees and suspended cards for university travelers. To launch this new service, all existing travel cardholders must apply for new cards after taking a short, online course.

The way cardholders currently use their travel card and reconcile transactions will not change.  All card transactions must continue to be reconciled in a timely manner in AggieTravel, to avoid any potential tax reportable income to the traveler. This change also further reinforces that cardholders absolutely cannot use their university-issued travel cards for personal use.

Before applying, applicants must complete the new travel card online training, which takes about 30 minutes to complete. Those who complete the training will be notified directly when the application link becomes available.

Please note: First-time travel card applicants who need a card between now and May will need to proceed with the current training and application process. Learn more here:

Once the new card has been issued, the old travel card will be cancelled after two weeks. It is critical that all existing cardholders take the training and apply for the new card as soon as possible. This will help ensure that the new card is issued and in the cardholder’s possession before the old card is cancelled. We expect to begin delivering cards in the April/May time period.

 Learn more about the new Travel Card Program here: or contact us at