Airgas Discontinuing Some Services

Airgas Discontinuing Some Services

Airgas, UC’s main supplier of liquid nitrogen for cryogenic storage, has announced it will no longer permit its delivery drivers to fill open-mouth dewar flasks if they contain samples. In addition, Airgas drivers will no longer provide connection/disconnection services or inventory management. These services are not included in Airgas’ contract with UC, however, some customers have been receiving them as a courtesy.

Airgas has announced that these changes are effective Nov 18, 2022, however, Procurement and Contracting Services has received reports of drivers at some locations already discontinuing to fill open-mouth dewar flasks containing samples.

UC Environmental Health and Safety is working with Airgas to provide training resources to ensure that lab personnel and research is protected following this transition. EH&S will provide those resources to you as they become available. Please note that if you need equipment for performing dewar connections or filling, these items are available on AggieBuy, either through our campus stores or from our supplier partners.

In the meantime, if you have questions regarding training or safety concerns, please contact campus EH&S at If you have questions regarding the Airgas agreement, please contact

Refer to the 10/12/22 message sent to the procurement email list that contains additional information and resources from UC Procurement.

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